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Nominate a centrist (Diet Republican) or Democrats will lose! Wait haven’t we been sold that **** before?

The party establishment is at it once again. Playing the game of fear to promote the idea of centrist, corporate-type candidates as the Democratic statewide torch-bearers in November.  The only way to stop Trump-styled fascism in this state is to nominate centrists who are from outside southern Florida and who can appeal to “swing voters.” […]

The Phlip Side: Lessons from 2016

Election night 2016 was incredibly painful for everyone who fought tooth and nail to defeat Donald Trump.  The only thing saving me from still sucking my thumb from the fetal position is the fact that Florida’s 29 electoral votes weren’t decisive.  We are reminded of the pain from last November every time an outrageous statement […]

Can Democrats make a reasonable play at cutting western panhandle margins?

Recently Florida Democratic Party (FDP) officials led by President Sally Boynton Brown and Chairman Stephen Bittel made a long overdue visit to the western Panhandle, a vote rich area especially when compared to the areas east of the Apalachicola River (excepting Leon County of course) that previous regimes in the FDP have seemingly been obsessive […]

Excellent Florida county tree map of 2016 presidential election results

This graphic is self-explanatory but recently got uploaded to Wikipedia and is shared here under a Creative Commons license. As the tree map demonstrates while the Democrats carried with varying margins the largest counties in the state, the vast majority of medium sized ones went to Trump – many of which the Democrats didn’t even […]

What we’re reading: Matt Taibbi on “Shattered”

“The real protagonist of this book is a Washington political establishment that has lost the ability to explain itself or its motives to people outside the Beltway.” — Matt Taibbi Read Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article here. _______________________________ If, like me, your first impression of the new Clinton campaign history, Shattered is that it is your usual gossipy post-election […]

The shifting numbers for Clintonian candidates in Florida

Clintonism is an ideology that has become the predominant movement within the Democratic Party – an emphasis on free markets combined with pride in racial, gender and ethnic identity. Bill Clinton benefited in 1996 from what was called condescendingly by smug (northern and California-based) elite commentators as the “bubba factor” but did in fact allow […]

2016 MSA’s: Jacksonville was Trump’s best large metro area in the Southeast; Miami-Fort Lauderdale was Clinton’s best

We’ve broken down each of the metropolitan areas in the southeast United States with over 1,000,000 residents (with the exception of Washington DC which is partially in the Southeast and partially in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast) by two-party vote in the 2016 Presidential. Not surprisingly the Miami-Fort Lauderdale MSA has the highest Clinton percentage despite the Democratic […]

Presidential vote by Florida Congressional District

The Daily Kos has for the third straight presidential cycle provided an invaluable resource – Presidential vote by congressional district. Below is the chart for Florida. Note these vote percentages are based on the CURRENT district lines not where the districts lines were in the 2008 or 2012 elections.  The analysis from The Daily Kos […]

Exclusive: 2016 Presidential in Florida by MSA

We’ve seen just about every imaginable breakdown of votes from the 2016 Presidential Election. But it was surprising to see no breakdown by MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) as defined by the Census Bureau.  From my vantage point, the below chart which we’ve worked out using votes for only the two major party candidates paints an ugly […]

Florida exit polls – Progressiveness at a crossroads and the failure of identity politics

As the world watches the peaceful transition of power in the United States with a certain degree of anxiety and awe progressives look to regroup. Today seems a perfect day to look at the exit polling data from November 8 and try and comprehend how Hillary Clinton lost the Presidency here in Florida. Progressives are […]