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Broward Squeeze: Party officials meddling in House District 98 primary?

Rep. Katie Edwards (D-Plantation) is often talked about as a potential statewide candidate for the Democratic Party. Extremely popular among Democratic voters (but not necessarily among activists) in her district which is anchored around Plantation, Davie and Sunrise, she seems an unlikely official to be targeted by some in the local Democratic party. That’s why […]

Grayson’s ‘Just War’ of Words proves he’s got something to say | update 1

Clutch your pearls and hover over your favorite fainting couch. It’s primary season, so if you don’t already have one, here’s a link to DIY your own Fainting Couch and Toddler Bed. Build yours this weekend, because with 17 months until the election this baby is apt to see some action. Check out this couch […]

GUEST COLUMN BY SEAN PHILLIPPI: “No good, just bad and ugly for Grayson”

Dear Democratic friends — With the potential for a fractious primary in the U.S. Senate race on the horizon, I wanted to make sure you were all aware of some recent news stories about Congressman Alan Grayson. I truly believe his candidacy would prevent Democrats from retaking the Senate.  In fact, conservative GOP groups are already […]

Florida at the center of global FIFA scandal

Florida. Somehow we always get it wrong and cannot escape controversy. As the world watched on Wednesday the Department of Justice, FBI and Swiss authorities in coordination indicted and arrested some of the biggest figures in world football (soccer) on charges of racketeering, conspiracy and corruption. The heart of the scandal revolved around Miami, and […]

Guest Column: Democrats have good options beyond Patrick Murphy

By Veronica Wade It’s official.  The Florida U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs as Marco Rubio has made his intentions to run for President clear.  To date, there are but two people who have  filed to run for the vacancy on the Democratic side:  Patrick Murphy, Congressman from Florida’s 18th District, and newcomer Pam […]

Dust settling from NASL Miami announcement – impact on David Beckham and Fort Lauderdale Strikers

As the dust settled from last Wednesday’s announcement that the North American Soccer League, which is the second tier of the game in the United States and Canada will put a new club in Miami, the fallout on the local scene became apparent. Miami FC will begin competitive play in early April 2016 just under […]

On having “skin in the game” this Memorial Day

The Florida Squeeze has been hosting some interesting discussions lately, particularly regarding the role of activists and blogs like this one. With regard to the discomfiting loss in Jacksonville one notion repeated a few times was the idea that bloggers and activists need to be still. Here’s a quote: “Those who have real skin in the […]

Flashback Friday: Charley Johns, The “Pork Chop” Gang, The Purple Pamphlet and the shame of Florida’s circa 1960’s Legislature

Senator Charley Johns (D-Starke) is one of the best known figures in the Florida Political History for multiple dubious reasons. The leader of the infamous “Pork Chop Gang”. Johns became Governor in 1953 after Governor Dan McCarty the first Governor elected from southern Florida died just months after taking office. Prior to 1968, Florida had […]

Iraq, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush’s mishandling of Megyn Kelly’s Iraq question last week on FOX News followed up by Marco Rubio’s poor answer over the weekend to an identical question. Hillary Clinton’s vote for the authorization that led to the Iraq War might seem like it is largely irrelevant now, but it is not. For those who were […]

Why Democratic activists do not trust Florida’s Democratic Party leaders

Less than 24 hours after losing with an incumbent in one of the most visible positions in the state, Florida’s Democratic Party leadership is again taking it on the chin from armchair pundits across the state. While many FDP backers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to downplay the party’s failures and throw stones at […]