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Cuts, cuts, cuts and some nice new adds – Commercial aviation in Florida this summer and fall facing major cutbacks

Spirit Airlines is cutting all service to Pensacola outright this summer Other Spirit summer cuts Fort Lauderdale-Indianapolis/Louisville/Managua/Pensacola Miami-Raleigh-Durham/Tegucigalpa Orlando-Minneapolis-St Paul/Montego Bay/Raleigh-Durham/Rochester/ Tampa-Houston-Bush/Philadelphia JetBlue dropping Miami-Hartford, West Palm Beach – Frontier Orlando cuts : cutting nonstops this summer to Harlingen/Wilmington, DE/Little Rock/Pensacola this summer Southwest is dropping Denver-Fort Lauderdale/Miami this summer. Both flights return in October. […]

The textbook ban: some pressing questions

It appears that despite some recent reinstatement’s, per reports the recent textbook purge means only one publisher will be providing the bulk of math books available for Florida students from Kindergarten to the 5th Grade. Multiple reports have indicated that the only publisher that had been approved to offer the majority of K-5 math books in […]

New Norwegian carrier Norse Atlantic to launch Fort Lauderdale and Orlando service this summer

This weekend we’re going to go through the extensive list of domestic flight cuts from Florida that have been loaded for the summer – it’s quite depressing and we’re still working on accumulating the list. But in a piece of good news, Norse Atlantic, a new startup Norwegian carrier we mentioned setting up a US […]

Could dissolving Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District hurt Everglades & Kissimmee River restoration?

Governor Ron DeSantis has fashioned himself a champion of Everglades restoration and on some scores he’s done far better than his predecessor (not that that was particularly hard given but…he’s done well on some stuff). For example, without DeSantis tireless advocacy, I doubt the vital Tamiami Trial project would be so far along or as […]

DeSantis veto of net metering bill preserves progress, protects Floridians and saves some of us thousands of dollars

As someone who has overseen my entire residence being converted to solar between 2018 and 2021, FPL’s net metering bill targeted ME and tens of thousands like me, specifically. HB 741 I had interpreted as a direct shot at me personally, something I have never done with an individual piece of legislation before. Governor DeSantis […]

The GOP in Florida – A history of the shift from moderation to authoritarianism – 1960’s until today.

Recording of our Twitter Space on the topic.

Florida Republicans then and now: the ideological change – tonight at 5pm ET

Tonight we’re doing a Twitter Space on the complete ideological shift of Florida Republicans, who were once considered a moderate party which was strong in suburbs and some urban areas. The 1990’s Florida GOP was generally viewed as more centrist than the national party. While elements of the shift rightward and toward culture wars and […]

Patrick Tonyn & The first Continental Army invasion of Florida

On this week’s Florida History Podcast, as part of our ongoing Albion Florida series, we discuss Florida Governor Patrick Tonyn, a particularly toxic character and the first attempts by the newly-declared Independent United State to invade East Florida. Episode 1- Introduction, El Camino Real and why Florida was different Episode 2- Building the Castillo de San Marcos […]

Beyond saving western democracy (no hyperbole ) Macron’s victory broadly points to themes Democrats need to seize on

Emmanuel Macron’s resounding re-election victory in the French Presidential Election has potentially massive implications for Democrats in the US. Macron defeated far-right populist Marine Le Pen, whose ideology broadly resembles that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Le Pen’s neo-fascism has found broader appeal in France over the last ten years than in the past and […]

Why is Nikki Fried suing President Biden?!?