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What makes DeSantis more ideal for FOX News than Trump?

Things are coming full circle. Throughout the course of the last year when I’d argue at various time that former President Trump is less dangerous than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or that DeSantis is actually more in-tune with the Murdoch media empire and right-wing media in general, people would scoff. However, recently, I’ve been getting […]

Should House Democrats who didn’t stand in solidarity with minority Reps on the DeSantis map get a primary challenge?

It’s perhaps not enough to have merely voted no on the arbitrarily-drawn DeSantis Congressional plan. This is of course a plan so outrageous that it scuttles two majority-minority districts, while packing Democrats into several other districts to maximize the Republican advantages all over the state. For several days, the fact multiple (white) Democratic State House […]

Looking ahead to the court battle on DeSantis Congressional Map – North Carolina battles tell us a lot about how this might go

Governor DeSantis arbitrarily-drawn Congressional Map which was rubber-stamped by the legislature has potentially many Voting Rights Act-related problems as articulated earlier this week by Neil Blackmon. But it must be stated, the Governor has some decent defenses under Federal law (though my theory is those are potentially undone by the way CD-14 was drawn, but […]

Lawsuit filed against DeSantis Congressional Map

The League of Women Voters of Florida have joined Black Voters Matter Capacity Building Institute, Equal Ground Education Fund, Florida Rising Together and several individual Florida voters in filing a lawsuit challenging Florida’s new congressional map.  The plaintiffs argue the congressional map, insisted upon by Gov. DeSantis and approved by the state legislature, was not […]

Lincoln Project: Ron DeSantis is a liar and Florida GOPers are BAD for Business

The Lincoln Project is out with a slick new ad. Rick Wilson and Stuart Stevens, they get it.

Out of spite, Florida GOPers potentially raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of Floridians

The headline should be included the messaging on the abolition of Disney’s Reddy Creek Improvement District (RCID) and other special taxing districts targeted by the Governor and Legislature this week. On Thursday, the House joined the Senate in voting to abolish RCID and several other special districts in the state. I don’t have any specific […]

DeSantis defining his autocracy in one crazy week which would be remarkable even in foreign dictatorships

Let’s take a blind test for a moment. What would we call a place where the head-of-state does the following in one week: Wades into drawing districts in an unprecedented manner for any head-of-state in this place. Draws district lines without input from the public or other elected officials and conflict with court rulings of […]

The Nature Conservancy’s Blowing Rocks Preserve

One of Florida’s great (and most unique!) natural treasures is Blowing Rocks Preserve in Martin County which is maintained by The Nature Conservancy. We’ll be running a series of videos on Blowing Rocks at The Florida Squeeze’s YouTube page over the next few weeks. Here are our first two:

Nikki Fried is continuing to embarrass herself

We’ve spent a lot of ink on this site regarding whether Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is someone the Democrats can afford to nominate for Governor. Her track record of unforced errors and gaffes hit a boiling point some time ago. Since those articles were written, questions have increased about Fried’s ability to take on Governor […]

Lincoln Project goes two-footed into challenge on Rick Scott

Had to use a soccer analogy to describe this Lincoln Project ad about the Scott Tax Hike: Meanwhile we assume everyone has seen this as well… Like the Lincoln Project, I find very few moments when I agree with Roger Stone…but when he’s right, he’s right…