DeSantis defining his autocracy in one crazy week which would be remarkable even in foreign dictatorships

Let’s take a blind test for a moment.

What would we call a place where the head-of-state does the following in one week:

  • Wades into drawing districts in an unprecedented manner for any head-of-state in this place. Draws district lines without input from the public or other elected officials and conflict with court rulings of the recent past.
  • Without public hearings, input or debate, proposes a major change to the governance and status of one of the largest economic drivers in the realm he governs. This is done squarely for retribution against a private corporation.
  • Expresses dissatisfaction with university accreditation so sets up alternate path for Universities so they can play politics with him.
  • Bans math (not English or History) textbooks from primary and secondary schools based on political ideology.
  • Threatens retributions again a company based elsewhere for not following his wishes as to the sale of the company.

Is this Idi Amin’s Uganda of yesteryear? Viktor Orbán’s Hungary? Bashar Assad’s Syria? Donald Trump’s USA? Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation? Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey? Nope…

It’s Ron DeSantis Florida in a single, sorry week.

DeSantis’ behavior is resembling more and more that of Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong every passing day.

Florida is facing it’s greatest crisis since secession and Civil War. Will our citizens answer the call?

Oh and BTW, DeSantis timing as usual on the Disney fight is impeccable:

He plays to win and he times his attacks with lethal precision. This was the time to strike Disney and he knew it. No coincidences with DeSantis.

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  1. Steve Schneider · ·

    Our governor appears regularly on Tucker Carlson’s show. So it is possible DeSantis took advice from Carlson and got his testicles tanned. The boost in manliness could explain his enhanced autocratic ways.

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