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OP-ED: Mayors speak out in favor of Broward Bond Issue

Editors Note: We at TFS STRONGLY urge a FOR BONDS vote in Broward County this Tuesday.  As mayors, we understand the moral imperative to ensure every child has access to a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.   We are also keenly aware that quality public education is an economic tool which supports strong […]


Letter to the Editor which also appeared in Coral Springs from leading civic activist David Hullett   CORAL SPRINGS CITIZENS NOT ASKING FOR A “DOWNTOWN” AND CAN’T VOTE ON IT!   In the headline of her article in the Sunday October 26th Sun-Sentinel, reporter Lisa Huriash says  “DOWNTOWN GAINING TRACTION”. She forgot to mention that […]

GOP Super-majority coming easily in the House? Really?

Earlier this afternoon Saint Petersblog released new polling in several House races which caught my eye. The polling shows wide Republican leads in several seats which sources in both parties acknowledge are more competitive than this particular set of polls shows. Also interestingly the numbers seem to not correspond with the daily memos from Steve […]

Non-Partisan local elections giving Democrats cover in playing with conservatives

Non-partisan elections often give transactional Democrats the cover they need to support Republicans and business interests at a local level. The nature of local elections makes it easy for some Democrats to claim that they are wonderful partisan progressives while playing ball with the interests that hurt working people in their own backyards. Since we […]

Coral Springs Mayor’s race centering around expensive contributor driven city hall project

On Sunday, a very revealing column ran in Coral Springs Talk regarding the $28 million downtown city complex. Commissioner Tom Powers’ campaign for Mayor is all about city hall.    No one in the city is arguing that Coral Springs does not need a new city hall, including his opponent Former State Senator Skip Campbell. Coral […]

Monday Musings – HD-21, Kristin Jacobs, Pam Bondi, AG Race, Ukraine, Hurricane Wilma anniversary, 2004 Hurricanes and impact on elections

There’s been a whole lot of talk about reading the absentee and early vote returns and if they are good signs for the Democrats or the Republicans.  While the memo wars are quite amusing, the bottoms line is this:  early voting is still a fairly new idea and it is still continuing to change voting […]

Rick Scott’s “path to victory” leaving zero margin for error

In theory, Governor Scott has a shot at winning reelection. Public polling indicates the race is a dead heat, but the public polls are less relevant than the early and vote by mail totals as well as the actual developments on the ground in advance of Election Day. Three days ago, Steve Schale wrote a […]

Former Coral Springs Mayor Roy Gold makes local endorsements

Coral Springs’s current leadership  which has resembled in many ways the captains of the Titanic are being challenged in three City Commission races on November 4th. As we have discussed time and again on this site, the leadership of the city has become both ideologically conservative and incredibly arrogant as well as wasteful in their […]

Flashback Friday: A look back at two great Florida Democrats

With an election around the corner and a chance to liberate Florida from the 16-year dominance of a single party who has essentially plundered this state and its citizens. During the period of GOP dominance in state elections (1998 to present) Florida has become a national laughing-stock. Today, we look at two great living Florida […]

VIDEO: Governor Scott loses his cool over minimum wage

No matter how much Governor Scott tries to disguise his administration’s four-year war on Florida’s working class citizens with slick campaign ads and mailers the truth comes out when the man speaks in public. Great work here by The Fight for 15 and  an excellent question from Shatara Brown who put the Governor on the […]