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High ticket prices and ginned up faux nationalism can’t stop Miami’s big week

Despite high ticket prices, a market that consistently gets knocked by critics and the faux nationalism the US Soccer Federation (USSF) likes to gin up around US Men’s National Team (USMNT) games, International Champions Cup (ICC) week in Miami was an unqualified success. While many including yours truly have taken shots at the market for […]

Florida’s diminishing appeal among outsiders becoming apparent – A “dream state” no more

A whirlwind few weeks where many outsiders descended on Florida has come to an end. The International Champions Cup, a soccer tournament featuring eight of the biggest European clubs culminated on Saturday with El Clasico Miami. The event which was sponsored by among other entities, Visit Orlando brought fans and journalists from across the world […]

Virtual reality – a revolution coming to your viewing habits?

Tonight, NextVR the worldwide leader in Virtual Reality broadcasting will bring one its first live soccer/football game to mass audiences worldwide with a broadcast tonight of the El Clasico Miami from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. I have the privilege of being one of handful of writers selected to be getting a behind the […]

Southwest shifts Aruba service from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale

Southwest Airlines announced Thursday a shift of its daily Orlando-Aruba nonstop service to Fort Lauderdale. The airline flies daily five times from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, which will allow passengers from Central Florida to continue onward to Aruba via a connection. Southwest is the third carrier on the Fort Lauderdale-Aruba route joining JetBlue Airways and […]

Flashback Friday: Eric Clapton in Miami and 461 Ocean Boulevard 

Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard is a masterpiece of rock music, one of the quintessential albums of the 1970’s. Recorded at North Miami’s Criteria Studios, Clapton’s first full album after his down period due to heroin addiction (where the one public appearance the English rock star made was a reluctant one at best mate George […]

Does free speech include the right to boycott? It should…

It was with some curiosity I read an article penned by two of the most courageous and intellectually honest writers out there – Glenn Greenwald and Ryan Grimm. The subject: proposed legislation by Senators Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio)  that would make it a felony for American citizens to join in any international […]

How will the Obama foreign policy be viewed with hindsight?

Vice News excellent A World in Disarray documentary that has aired on HBO this month opens up several serious questions about the reaction of the Obama Administration to conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere. Much of the documentary was focused on the growing Chinese hegemony as well as the subtle ways China has grown its […]

Global media descends in mass on south Florida for El Clasico week

When the Miami Dolphins and Relevant Sports announced El Clasico Miami earlier this year ,it was nearly impossible to understand the demand for tickets and media access. Demand for media access to the match and the events around the match have been high as the match which takes place Saturday has proven to be a major […]

Does Jeb Bush sound like a candidate or phony neoconservative senior statesman?

Few individuals have done as much damage to this state as Governor Jeb Bush and few families have done as much damage to this country and the global order as the Bush family. Yet in this Trump era, Jeb Bush and his brother, former President George W. Bush as sounding strangely reasonable. Bush’s latest shots […]

Is it too late to stop parts of Miami from sinking into the sea?

Sea level rise IS the biggest issue facing Florida, even bigger than the lack of mass transit within the state. Florida is facing a ticking time bomb in dealing with this issue which our statewide political leadership taking its cue from Governor Rick Scott has been unwilling to even view as a matter of reality. […]