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Florida needs to look at solar airports and train stations

I have a great deal of personal pride that the world’s first completely solar powered airport is in southern India . Cochin International Airport which serves the area my late Grandfather, a former Indian Supreme Court judge lived is the world’s first entirely solar powered airport.  As of earlier this month, the airport is no […]

The Kartik Report NASL coverage suspended due to return to FTL Strikers organization

I am proud to be rejoining the Fort Lauderdale Strikers organization in a consulting role for the 2016 season. My hometown club, the club that made me love this sport 35 years ago is still near and dear to my heart and I am so pleased to be working with the team again. Therefore, we […]

Good Friday Alaska earthquake and Florida “aftershock”

In 1964 Alaska got rocked with what is the second strongest earthquake on record globally. Measuring a 9.2 on the Richter Scale, the quake occurred on March 27, 1964 and broke all records for the most intense Earthquake in North America. Aftershocks and impacts were felt throughout the North American continent…including believe it or not […]

Flashback Friday: Air Florida 90 Crash

On a cold snowy and icy January day in 1982, Air Florida Flight 90 was scheduled to fly from Washington’s National Airport to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International with a stop at Tampa International Airport. The plane’s crew had arrived at Washington-National (which our readers know is actually in Arlington, Virginia) from Miami earlier in the day […]

Saving the St John’s River needs to be a Legislative priority

The St John’s River is the lifeblood for much of Florida’s Peninsula. A unique ecosystem that connects lakes, marshlands, a northward-flowing river and the Atlantic Ocean, it is one of only 13 designated “American Heritage Rivers,” in the country despite the efforts by the Florida Legislature to stop its designation in 1999.  By 2020, about […]

Turkey Point a growing threat to a sustainable southern Florida

Southern Florida is an ecological ticking time-bomb with the issues related to sea level rise, climate change, over development and other factors. Add the current problems at Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) Turkey Point nuclear facility to the laundry list of growing concerns. FPL’s facility is polluting the Biscayne Aquifer which is critical to the […]

Discredited Marco Rubio continues to take shots at President Obama

Republican voters have had their say. They rejected Marco Rubio’s candidacy which was built largely on his accusations that President Obama “lacked class,” had committed sedition by “deliberately weakening America”. But for now he remains our Junior Senator here in Florida and in that capacity he has continues to make incendiary comments about the sitting […]

Audio: What Spurs Economic Activity in Florida?

This week I spoke to Joseph F. Pennisi, Executive Director of the Florida Policy Institute about a new report they issued that shows how tax cuts and incentives to big businesses don’t achieve the goals of increasing economic activity and creating jobs. Listen to find out what really spurs economic activity. Link to report —> […]

Flashback Friday: The 1980 Election in Florida and Ronald Reagan’s ascent

In January we spoke to Robert Buccellato the author of the excellent new book new book Jimmy Carter in Plains: (Images of Modern America). Since that interview and due to the Presidential primaries I have been thinking often about the 1980 Election where  President Jimmy Carter was unseated by Ronald Reagan. Last month we discussed the Dixiecrat […]

Miami or Fort Lauderdale?: American and Southwest duel on Cuba service in official government documents

The thawing in relations between Cuba and the United States has provided another front in the continent-wide battle between Dallas-Fort Worth area airlines. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines depending on the metric you use are two of the five largest airlines on the planet and both want to serve Havana with multiple daily flights from […]