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Florida Democrats, Cuba and Haiti: Different standards

Once again Florida’s Democrats find themselves so fearful of the term “socialism” that they are pandering when they discuss policy. Maybe it’s because of the oxygen media in the state gives this term despite feigning sympathy with the mis-characterization (Ron DeSantis, whose ideology is one of Statist authoritarianism is hardly ever characterized as anything but […]

TFS + – Cuba, not Covid dominating Florida politics?

Incredibly as Florida records a disproportionate number of new Covid cases in the state compared to other states, has an Attorney General who contracted COVID and prepares to send kids back to school without masks, Cuba is a more pressing issue for the state politicians. Florida has produced almost 30,000 new COVID cases in the […]

Southwest ends Fort Lauderdale to Varadero and Santa Clara service

The continued pullback from Cuba by US carriers is no surprise – Southwest Airlines who I’ve speculated for months would pull some Cuba flights has announced today that it will discontinue flights from Fort Lauderdale to the secondary cities of Varadero and Santa Clara in the fall. The complete withdrawal of Southwest from these routes […]

The Trump/Rubio Cuba policy – damaging to business mixed with utter hypocrisy

President Donald Trump quite possibly at the behest of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio and other neoconservatives has scaled back President Obama’s breakthrough with Cuba today. According to a leaked memo obtained by Politico, Trump is returning the US partially to a sanctions and travel regime that failed so miserably between 1961 and 2014 to […]

Donald Trump now Marco Rubio’s puppet on Cuba – the hypocrisy of Florida’s Junior Senator

Donald Trump, despite his populist reputation has gradually adopted the neoconservative foreign policy of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is an unreconstructed neoconservative that has never met a military intervention that he didn’t embrace, even if it isn’t in our national security interests. He has never missed an opportunity to undermine our current administration’s […]

Surprise! JetBlue applies for additional Fort Lauderdale-Havana service

Surprise surprise! As Cuba travel falls well below expectations and airlines bail on flights, Jet Blue has applied with the DOT for 6 additional weekly flights from Fort Lauderdale to Havana per DOT documents.  The flights would be served with an Airbus A-320 jet. This must be seen as a surprise considering the struggles of […]

Spirit Airlines becomes the third carrier to pull south Florida-Cuba service

Spirit Airlines will pull its twice-daily Fort Lauderdale-Havana service effective July 1, leaving JetBlue and Southwest as the remaining airlines on the route. As we outlined four weeks ago, Silver Airlines is pulling all Fort Lauderdale to Cuba service in April (none destinations in all) and Frontier is dropping its only Cuba route, from Miami […]

Exodus from Florida-Cuba flights has begun

This week reservations systems zeroed out service on Frontier Airlines from Miami (MIA) to Havana and on Silver Airways from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to nine Cuban destinations. Flight from Florida to Cuba have been struggling since its inception last year after over a half century of a ban on commercial service but we can learn […]

What we are reading: Alabama ports take advantage of Florida’s narrow-mindedness

Governor Rick Scott claims he’s bringing more business to Florida. That’s a tough sell considering Florida’s GDP growth was in the bottom-half of the United States for 2016. Scott’s ideology prevented multiple Florida ports from taking advantage of the liberalization of relations with Cuba (up until last week negotiations were progressing well) and therefore falling into […]

Castro’s death and improving relations aren’t stopping flow of Cubans to Florida – why?

The death of Fidel Castro last month as well as the liberalization of relations between the United States and Cuba is doing little to stem the flow of migrants to Florida from the island nation. According to the Associated Press,  Over 50 Cuban migrants landed in the Keys on Sunday, in three different locales. Earlier […]