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Death Penalty Attitudes Changing Around the Country: Will Florida Be Next?

When Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda’s bill to abolish the Death Penalty in Florida was filed we heard snickers from a number of political insiders including many Democrats. When the bill was killed in committee earlier this month it seemed like a mere formality.  Florida after all is a state where the Death Penalty generally has […]

AIF Legislative Priorities Largely Dangerous But Contain Some Nice Surprises

Through the years Associated Industries of Florida has become an extreme organization, more or less advocating unfettered free enterprise in the state and tort reform as the solution for just about every situation that may involve a degree of liability. While AIF has the usual list of dangerous tax breaks in this year’s agenda (which […]

Senator Joe Abruzzo Asks Pam Bondi To Investigate NCAA: Thoughts

You would think Senator Joe Abruzzo (D-Wellington) had more pressing matters. But this week he asked Attorney General Pam Bondi to investigate the NCAA. For those living under a rock since the summer of 2011, the University of Miami’s Athletics program has been probed by the NCAA for potential rules violations. I went to the […]

Pam Bondi: The Partisan Attorney General Conservatives Long Dreamed About

This week Attorney General Pam Bondi furthered her right-wing credentials by attacking Governor Scott’s willingness to enroll Florida in Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Bondi’s action continues a long standing pattern of partisan and ideological purity which may not serve the best interest of Floridians but has the most reactionary conservatives all over […]

Right Wing Rubio: Not a Hint of Moderation To Be Found As Iowa Posturing Continues

Republican “savior” Marco Rubio has had the type of week to make conservative salivate. Let’s recap. “Americans for Prosperity” a right-wing, anti-tax, anti-government group has gave Rubio its only A+ score for 2012 in the US Senate Rubio was one of 15 Republican Senators who signed a letter asking the President to withdraw the nomination of […]

Rubio Votes “No” on Cloture for Hagel

Republican “savior” Marco Rubio has voted no on shutting off the filibuster of Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Defense Secretary. However the cloture motion passed 71-27 and Hagel’s nomination should receive final passage later today. Rubio was one of the first Republican Senators to publicly announce opposition to Hagel’s nomination and last week signed a […]

Launching TFS “Truth or Fiction”

If a Florida politician makes a claim you want us to rate, please email us at We will be taking submission from our readers and will rate the most controversial or egregious statements accordingly on our Truth or Fiction page.  

Speaker Weatherford Invited to Speak at CPAC: Rising Star For Sure

The national news has been filled with headlines about who has NOT been invited to CPAC (aka Chris Christie whose record as NJ Governor is actually quite conservative) but it is noteworthy for us here in that Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford has been selected to speak. Weatherford who portrays a less threatening and more […]

Broward County’s Proposed Pit Bull Ban Cowardly

Today the Broward County Commission will meet as usual on a Tuesday but will have an interesting item on the agenda. A proposed ban to Pit Bulls in the county would essentially ignore state law, exempt bad owners from accountability by destroying animals and could empower people to make false claims and possibly even embellish […]

School “Choice” Part II: Democrats About Face

Editors Note: Today we continue our three part series on School “Choice” legislation with part II. Part I can be found here. The legacy of Bob Graham, Reuben Askew and most recently Lawton Chiles in fighting extreme right wing efforts to hijack our public schools was effectively undone not only by Jeb Bush and his […]