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Find Your Perfect Beach: A Tale of Poor Planning for Customary Use on 30A

  By now, you have heard people grumbling about Rick Scott signing the Private Beach Anti-Customary Use Law (HB631) this year. The new law has opened a can of worms that may take years to sort out. It has also laid bare some of the state’s most inept leaders and corrupt political missteps to finally […]

Jacksonville’s past, present and future comes together at 5 points conversation with the candidates

By George Farrar This article is my perspective about the 2015 Jacksonville District 14 City Council Candidates Forum on March 4, 2015. It is the third article in a special series profiling the upcoming First & Second Elections.  On Wednesday night, March 4, a group of Jacksonville residents gathered in one of our oldest movie […]

Monday Musings: Netanyahu’s speech, Jared Moskowitz and Greyhounds, Kimberly Mitchell gaining more Democratic support, Jeb Bush, CPAC and Scott Walker’s viability

The controversy over Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech this week in front of the US Congress continues to simmer. It is worth noting that despite Republican rhetoric regarding Netanyahu and Israel’s loyalty to the United States, exactly a year ago Israel failed to vote on the UN General Assembly Resolution 68/262. The resolution introduced by Canada, Germany and […]

The Power of Positive Campaigning in Jacksonville — Big Money vs. Small Money

By George Farrar This article is my perspective about the 2015 Jacksonville Mayoral & City Council Campaigns. It is the second article in a special series profiling the upcoming Primary & General Elections.  As the politicos jump head first into the maelstrom that is Jacksonville campaigning and with the start of Early Voting on March […]

Interesting progressive candidate in North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach is a somewhat sleepy bedroom community near the northern edge of the Southeast Florida megalopolis. An interesting candidate has emerged in Gloria Malden Kaplan, an 83 year-old, 30 year resident of the city has chosen to give it a go in a race for town council. Running against young tea party Republican Doug […]

Poll demonstrates need for Earned Sick Time

President Obama recently made Earned Sick Time an essential part of his domestic agenda. We’ve spoken time and again on this site about how the President’s unwillingness to embrace progressive policies in the last two years led directly to the Democrats election debacle in 2014 and the defeat of Charlie Crist here in Florida. Not […]

August 26th TFS Endorsements

Elections are tomorrow ! A reminder as to whom TFS has endorsed across the state in elections on Tuesday. Governor No Recommendation (Democratic Primary)  State Senate District 12- Geraldine Thompson (Democratic Primary) State House District 8 – Alan Williams (Democratic Primary) District 9 – Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (Democratic Primary OPEN to all voters)  District 31 – B […]

10 Dollar Tuesday – Soil and Water Conservation Candidates

This post is a plea for everyone reading to pay more attention to Soil and Water Conservation Board candidates.  Few people even know that we elect members to deal with water issues, which inevitably means that the knowledge about candidates for this board is frequently inexcusably low.  Combined with the fact that many of these […]

Guest Column: Local elections are more important than you may think

By Debbie Simmons, owner of Shelbie Print & Copy, Inc. Presidential elections get a lot of attention here in the I-4 corridor, but despite having major implications for local business owners, workers and their families, local elections are all too often ignored by voters. It’s time to change that. As owner of Shelbie Press Print & […]

Small Business view: Elected leaders should get in the act of helping businesses do better by being better

Editors Note: The Florida Squeeze encourages a vibrant debate on issues. We invite guest columns from people of all political persuasions and policy perspectives.  Guest Column By Ricardo McQueen Mr. McQueen is a member-leader in Florida Main Street Alliance.  I have more than a decade of experience running a small business that provides health and […]