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Poll demonstrates need for Earned Sick Time

President Obama recently made Earned Sick Time an essential part of his domestic agenda. We’ve spoken time and again on this site about how the President’s unwillingness to embrace progressive policies in the last two years led directly to the Democrats election debacle in 2014 and the defeat of Charlie Crist here in Florida. Not […]

Nancy Pelsoi headlines Orlando town hall on working women & empowerment

US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) joined Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) to headline a Working Women Town Hall in Orlando. The event which was hosted by The Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment (FIRE)  drew a packed audience.   The town hall comes on the heels of a report released on women’s health. Just this week, […]

Queen of Transparency not so Transparent – More on Mayor Teresa Jacobs

On Friday, we discussed the lawsuit filed against Orange County by Organize Now with the assistance the First Amendment Foundation.  Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs whose major issue in her 2010 run for County Mayor was “ethics and transparency” in government has once again demonstrated how entitled a politician she has become. Mayor Jacobs response […]

Lawsuit Being Filed Against Orange County for Public Records Violations

Today, Organize Now filed with the assistance of the First Amendment Foundation, a lawsuit that seeks immediate relief for violations of Florida’s open government laws by Orange County. Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is at the center of the controversy as the filed suit seeks to answer questions about who has access to the mayor’s Dropbox […]

Orange County primary turnout increases thanks to local efforts

We spilled lots of proverbial ink on Orange County’s Vote Local effort including guest columns by Stephanie Porta and Debbie Simmons . The effort culminated with a remarkable increase in early and absentee turnout for the August 26th elections. Overall turnout increased by over 33%, while turnout among Democrats increased by 63%. This owes itself not […]

August 26th TFS Endorsements

Elections are tomorrow ! A reminder as to whom TFS has endorsed across the state in elections on Tuesday. Governor No Recommendation (Democratic Primary)  State Senate District 12- Geraldine Thompson (Democratic Primary) State House District 8 – Alan Williams (Democratic Primary) District 9 – Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (Democratic Primary OPEN to all voters)  District 31 – B […]

Orange County Grassroots Activists Making A Real Difference

Orange County stands alone among large Florida counties for its strong and effective progressive infrastructure. Despite repeated efforts by the Legislature to dilute the voting power of minorities and non-Republicans in the county, the area continues to become more and more progressive. We have through the past few months featured stories on progressive efforts throughout […]

Orange County voters have a chance to win for working families – The fight for Earned Sick Time goes on

Editors Note:  On August 26th Orange County voters will have the opportunity to vote YES on  ordinance that came via citizen initiative to guarantee earned sick time for employees of businesses in the county. The Florida Squeeze strongly endorses this initiative and we are fortunate to have this contribution from Stephanie Porta, the Executive Director of […]

Guest Column: Local elections are more important than you may think

By Debbie Simmons, owner of Shelbie Print & Copy, Inc. Presidential elections get a lot of attention here in the I-4 corridor, but despite having major implications for local business owners, workers and their families, local elections are all too often ignored by voters. It’s time to change that. As owner of Shelbie Press Print & […]

The GOP and Central Florida: Mapping out a Decade of Partisan Gerrymandering

Al Gore’s 2000 victory in Orange County, the first in the county by a Democratic Presidential candidate since 1944 sent shockwaves through the consulting class of Florida’s GOP. Having just captured complete control of state government in 1998, Central Florida was thought of as a reliable Republican area, the top of the “Republican Horseshoe” that […]