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Fear and Loathing in 2018

It’s less than a week until election day and we’re all going to die. A mass shooting in Pittsburgh by an anti-Semite, 15 pipe bombs sent through the mail to left-wing political figures and a racially motivated shooting in Louisville, Kentucky.  On the international front, hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Hondurans are headed toward the […]

Florida Vote Projection Model – Day 19: Record pre-Election Day voting benefiting both sides. Democrats have big problems in Orange/Osceola.

First, the projection map has been updated. It has a lot more detail than previous maps, including turnout tabs. So, enjoy the new map. Also, there is going to be a new model with new methodology out (due to the changes in pre-Election Day polling). The old model will remain up, but the new model […]

Trump’s coded antisemitism puts Florida’s Jews at far more risk than Andrew Gillum ever could

Editors note: Portions of this piece are from previous TFS’ articles which have become timely in this moment of tragedy  Donald Trump personally is not antisemitic we are told over and over again. I accept that statement, I suppose – but George Wallace wasn’t a racist personally and yet he conjured up racist anger not […]

Florida Vote Projection Model – Day 18: Voting patterns are seeing shifts in vote.

Overnight, the margin went slightly in the Republican’s favor. However, the overall trends continue to show that this is going to be a close race. As I have mentioned in the last two posts, it is a turnout game now. But how that turnout is happening is quite interesting. Let’s take a look. Turnout Summary: […]

Big sugar and the 2018 Florida election

Following eight years of Rick Scott’s anti-environmental administration, cleaning up and resorting the Everglades water quality and flows which is mandated by a court order is further behind schedule than imaginable. Scott’s alliance with sugar barons in southern Florida has been mirrored by a legislature unwilling to stand up to the industry with the exception […]

Florida Vote Projection Model – Day 17: Good Sunday for Democrats. Still waiting on Palm Beach County.

First, before I get into the analysis, I just want to say that we are still waiting for the early vote and vote by mail report from Palm Beach County to be submitted to the Division of Elections. You figured after the 2000 election that Palm Beach County would have gotten their act together, but […]

Marco Rubio is the LAST PERSON with the credibility to call for civility – judge him by his own words in the past

The DC political press corps favorite GOPer (though this is not true of the Florida press corp who have generally tried to keep him honest), Florida Junior Senator Marco Rubio has reappeared as a national figure in the wake of this week’s tragic events. After days of silence following an attempt by one of his […]