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Donald Trump now Marco Rubio’s puppet on Cuba – the hypocrisy of Florida’s Junior Senator

Donald Trump, despite his populist reputation has gradually adopted the neoconservative foreign policy of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is an unreconstructed neoconservative that has never met a military intervention that he didn’t embrace, even if it isn’t in our national security interests. He has never missed an opportunity to undermine our current administration’s […]

What we are reading: Marco Rubio, still seeking Tampa Bay home, has staff meet constituents at libraries, coffee shops

Somehow with all the excitement of the last few days we missed this Tampa Bay Times article until this morning.  Lots of interesting nuggets in this must-read article.

The media failed to show same outrage about Rubio’s slanderous comments about President Obama as they did about Trump’s

The TV news media was in full frenzy all weekend rightly pilling on President Donald Trump (except for FOX News which in its role as “state television” booked guests that advocated the prosecution of President Obama after taking a pause Saturday morning no doubt to get on the same page as the White House) for […]

What we are reading: Rubio on skipping town halls: Activists will ‘heckle and scream at me

From Politico’s Marc Caputo, Senator Marco Rubio is unsurprisingly skipping doing town halls. In fairness, Rubio has been more accessible than most Florida-based GOP officeholders in the past but his failed Presidential campaign and the advent of the Trump era seems to have weakened his willingness to face his constituents.  

Marco Rubio – 15 years of selling out public education

Marco Rubio was educated in Florida’s public school and universities. A man who likes to pass himself off as a man of principle and a defender of American values (as evidenced by his “emotional” showboating during the confirmation hearings of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State – a nominee that Rubio eventually supported) is really […]

Marco Rubio: Cowardly showhorse

Marco Rubio is a charlatan. He’s the worst kind of deceitful devious politician. Some politicians don’t have any sort of belief system or ideology. That’s not a positive thing obviously, but what is worse is a politician that will or do anything to get elected  or to get public praise or attention, but has at […]

Marco Rubio – Florida’s shame

Cuban dictator/revolutionary/leader, etc Fidel Castro passed away in the wee hours Saturday. The Castro legacy divides Floridians more than others – the large Cuban exile community in southeast Florida loathed the man while many on the left have noted that Castro was a freedom fighter against a right-wing dictatorship that was propped up by the […]