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Marco Rubio continues to humiliate himself and insult Floridians when it comes to guns

Today, Marco Rubio continued his years-long rhetoric on guns, doubling-down on the sort of lunacy he has articulated since his days in State House. Today’s actions were nothing new as Marco Rubio has long stood in the way of legislation to stop gun violence and publicly attacked gun safety measures In the wake of mass […]

This is the ad the Democrats need to run against Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio’s sorry history on Reproductive Rights

As a member of the Florida Legislature culminating in his time as Speaker of the House (2006-2008), Marco Rubio viciously opposed reproductive freedom and supported multiple efforts to chip away at those rights in Florida. Since becoming a US Senator, Rubio’s rhetoric has become more acidic on these issues. Senator Rubio has called Roe v. Wade a […]

What *%$# is Marco Rubio doing?

As my Twitter feed indicates, while slamming other Florida Republicans recently, I’ve been pretty soft on Marco Rubio because I think, unlike the rest of the party of DeSantis and Trump here in Florida, he’s been strong in condemning Russia and Putin (we will try to have more on the party of DeSantis’ Russian love […]

The level of cognitive dissonance among Florida’s GOP leaders is stunning

Senator Marco Rubio is either engaged in high-level trolling of us all or he’s really losing his marbles. This Monday morning tweet about the COVID situation followed several days where Rubio impulsively tweeted highly-charged politicized tweets that were quickly exposed as factually inaccurate. Rubio tweets come at a time where Governor Ron DeSantis’ and his […]

Val Demings, the Democrats rock star and the race against Rubio

Congresswoman Val Demings has announced her candidacy for US Senate. Despite Florida’s clear trend toward the GOP at the statewide level, national Democrats are crowing about this “get” in terms of candidate recruitment and now see the race as a potential pick-up in a 50-50 US Senate.  Demings is at least on paper about as […]

Marco Rubio, The Cuban Disappointment

In the motherhood Hall of Fame there is one special section for moms who make their kids feel guilty, shaming them into doing things they don’t want to do. Honorable mention to all the Jewish moms out there. Cuban moms have a special knack for guilt inducing diatribes with all the drama of the worst […]

Marco Rubio is the LAST PERSON with the credibility to call for civility – judge him by his own words in the past

The DC political press corps favorite GOPer (though this is not true of the Florida press corp who have generally tried to keep him honest), Florida Junior Senator Marco Rubio has reappeared as a national figure in the wake of this week’s tragic events. After days of silence following an attempt by one of his […]

Donald Trump now Marco Rubio’s puppet on Cuba – the hypocrisy of Florida’s Junior Senator

Donald Trump, despite his populist reputation has gradually adopted the neoconservative foreign policy of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is an unreconstructed neoconservative that has never met a military intervention that he didn’t embrace, even if it isn’t in our national security interests. He has never missed an opportunity to undermine our current administration’s […]

What we are reading: Marco Rubio, still seeking Tampa Bay home, has staff meet constituents at libraries, coffee shops

Somehow with all the excitement of the last few days we missed this Tampa Bay Times article until this morning.  Lots of interesting nuggets in this must-read article.