Marco Rubio continues to humiliate himself and insult Floridians when it comes to guns

Today, Marco Rubio continued his years-long rhetoric on guns, doubling-down on the sort of lunacy he has articulated since his days in State House.

Today’s actions were nothing new as Marco Rubio has long stood in the way of legislation to stop gun violence and publicly attacked gun safety measures

In the wake of mass shootings at Pulse in Orlando and San Bernardino, Rubio voted against legislation to expand background checks. This was despite Rubio milking the Pulse tragedy for all he could since he was running for reelection that year.

As a US Senator, Rubio has repeatedly attacked gun safety measures, and has failed to follow through on his promises to support gun violence legislation after the MSD HS mass murder. 

After the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, Rubio even threatened to filibuster gun safety legislation. At the time Rubio was an aspiring Presidential hopeful and boasted a top 5% rating in Congress from both the NRA and American Conservative Union, the host of the CPAC conference.

In his State House days, Rubio was a strong advocate of whatever the NRA wanted. In fact in 2005, as Speaker-designee, Rubio voted for the infamous Stand-Your-Ground law. That was among many many votes cast for the NRA’s position while he was in the legislature.

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  1. Patti Lynn · ·

    I have faith that Chief Val Demings will support comprehensive gun legislation when she ousts Little Marco from his cushy seat in the U.S. Senate. VOTE, people, VOTE !!!


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