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Marco Rubio – America’s leading neoconservative agitator

Floridians need to have a clear conscience and not have the sort of guilt ten-fifteen years from now that Germans or Italians did after World War II and the horrors that brought. Stopping Marco Rubio’s reelection to the United States Senate might have the same implications long-term, as hyperbolic and crazy as that might sound […]

Poll: Clinton email scandal

The American political landscape was rocked on Friday by FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reopen the Clinton email probe. Do you feel this is a politically-motivated October surprise by a Republican FBI Director looking to help Donald Trump’s candidacy? Or is Comey trying to help Republican hold the Senate? Or perhaps Comey is simply […]

Florida’s media has wised up to Marco Rubio

After years of coddling Marco Rubio and enabling his rise from volunteer on a Congressional campaign fresh out of college in 1992 to becoming Florida House Speaker in 2006 to his election as US Senator in 2010. Many in the press corp in this state gave Rubio a pass as he used representation of Florida […]

Marco Rubio: Where right-wing ideology, and self-interest trumps Florida’s interests

Florida’s Junior Senator has doubled-down on his support of GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump. At Wednesday’s debate Rubio continued his support for Trump, while continuing his pattern of deceitful public statements. Democratic nominee Patrick Murphy seized on Rubio’s willingness to resort to dishonesty to further his political standing in saying,  “If you voted as much […]

Finally, insurgent progressive media gains traction in Florida

I’ve either been doing insurgent progressive media — or studying it, consuming it, and supporting it — since I was in college. When I started my alternative weekly in the early 90s it was in response to being pitched by a right-winger hoping to launch a tabloid project. Needless to say, there was no way in hell I was going to lift a finger […]

Want an insight into Trump’s America? Look at Modi’s India

Donald Trump now famously said a week and a half ago at a rally thrown by Indian-American Republicans that he is a “big fan of Hindu.” While many in the media seized on this remark as humorous proof of Trump’s cultural ignorance, I saw it as something very different. A clear attempt to link with […]

TFS Podcast – October 25, 2016

Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer return to podding after a long sabbatical. In the coming weeks we will be exploring and engaging enhanced methods of distribution for our pod but for now the embedded player below and on the sidebar is the method of release. Included in this show: Marco Rubio calls Patrick Murphy “an old […]

TFS Podcast returns Tuesday: Soliciting feedback and questions

Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer will record a new edition of the TFS Podcast on Tuesday, our first pod since February. Among the topics up for discussion: Wikileaks and the left. Murphy vs Rubio. What happened to Alan Grayson in the primary? Trump vs Clinton in Florida. Crist vs Jolly – could the Democrats be […]

Florida progressives MUST work to stop Marco Rubio – It is a moral obligation

Congressman Patrick Murphy is far from the type of liberal Democrat many of us on the left like to see as the party’s nominee for important offices. He is inexperienced, has a questionable voting record and seems ineffectual on the stump. But beggars cannot be choosers and while I personally never implore progressives to check […]

Big sugar pulling Democratic strings again?

It appears the addiction Florida Democrats have to the cash resources and other promises made by the sugar industry continues. In House District 85, a Democratic-leaning, Republican-held seat in Palm Beach County, many influential Democrats both locally and on the state-level are taking a pass on the race. The district was carried by President Obama […]