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Flashback Friday: Florida (and Metropolitan Miami) road map from 1968

Another map from my collection – Florida (and Metropolitan Miami) in 1968. The most fascinating part of this map is to see the development of the Interstate system. By 1968, much of the Interstate system had been either constructed or planned in Florida. One key note was that I-75 ended in Tampa and was not […]

FDP fundraising list draws laughter on social media (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Upon further investigation it appears Rep. Young must have supported a Democrat somewhere along the line (something she probably would rather not admit) to have been placed on a party email list – nonetheless the lack of scrubbing of a list that has one of the House Republican leaders can be debated.  For better […]

State and local officials invited to public records training

The Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment (FIRE) has partnered with the First Amendment Foundation to offer a free training tomorrow in Orlando at 9:30 AM on open government.  The training will cover topics on open meetings, public records laws, open government, first amendment, and media law topics to help us all hold our elected […]

Rules Reform and the north vs central vs south dichotomy in FDP thinking

One of the major topics of discussion coming off an electoral defeat for the Florida Democratic Party has been reforming the rules that govern the party and how chairs of the state party are selected. A feeling has begun permeate the ranks of the state party that so few stakeholders exist to really make the […]

Thursday Bookshelf: Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson, and the Rise of Washington’s Scandal Culture

Normally our focus is on books related to the state of Florida, but this topic in particular was on my mind, and since Richard Nixon was the closest thing we have gotten to having Floridian in the White House (During Nixon’s 1972 reelection he was registered to vote in Florida and was nominated both in […]

2016, Florida Democrats and the myth of moderate candidates performing well

Much has been made in the last three months of the need for Democrats in Florida to “engage moderate voters,” in the wake of poor electoral performances in 2014. No question exists that moderates have a role to play, particularly in rural areas where the party has seen a complete collapse in support since the […]

Where have you gone Claude Pepper?

By The Old Man Sitting on the Green Bench Last April our state became the third most populated state.  Seniors, those people over age 65, compose 18.7% of the state’s population that makes us the state with the highest percentage of seniors in the nation.  The population of seniors is projected to double in the […]

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida – “Florida Democrats Deserve a Choice”

Editors Note: Our friend Susan Smith has penned a letter of a vital nature that deserves the attention of every single progressive in this state. An effort since the November election has been made by many in the Democratic Party to blame progressives for the party’s defeat. As we have argued before here at TFS, […]

Monday Musings: Future of Florida Summit, Two decades of political evolution and activism for Kartik, Online voter registration, The FDP in 2015

Editor’s Note:  Apologies about the late musings this week. Katy had her Future of Florida Summit to wrap-up and Kartik had significant soccer-related work to complete today. Next week we aim to publish the musings at our normal hour.  While I know many at the Squeeze have noticed my lack of writing, I have been hard at work […]

The Power of Positive Campaigning in Jacksonville — Big Money vs. Small Money

By George Farrar This article is my perspective about the 2015 Jacksonville Mayoral & City Council Campaigns. It is the second article in a special series profiling the upcoming Primary & General Elections.  As the politicos jump head first into the maelstrom that is Jacksonville campaigning and with the start of Early Voting on March […]