FDP fundraising list draws laughter on social media (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Upon further investigation it appears Rep. Young must have supported a Democrat somewhere along the line (something she probably would rather not admit) to have been placed on a party email list – nonetheless the lack of scrubbing of a list that has one of the House Republican leaders can be debated. 

For better or for worse, Rep. Dana Young (R-Tampa) let the world know earlier today on Twitter & Facebook that she’s on a fundraising list the FDP either developed or purchased. Obviously this isn’t a huge deal but it is disturbing that the party would evidently contact Rep. Young looking for money. Perhaps scrubbing fundraising lists bought from third party vendors is another job the party needs to do better at.  While the FDP struggles with small details like this, one can only imagine how candidate recruitment is going.

Image is below.

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  1. Susan McGrath · · Reply

    I speak to Democratic donors on a weekly basis who remain frustrated with the party. If we can’t at least manage the basics, it looks like we have little hope for better results anytime soon.


  2. Tampa Bay Demo · · Reply



  3. No surprise. Party staff is a joke and too busy worrying about rules reform and how to keep losing Scott A. In a job! Details aren’t their strength!


    1. Agreed


  4. I have list scrubbing software and offered many times to help…. they werent interested


    1. I believe Tant has experience in list scrubbing as well.


    2. Democratic Operative · · Reply

      Yes Bruce and Brook Tant has experience is SCRUBBING VOTER LISTS. But she must have just been “following orders.”


  5. maybe it’s not an accident. maybe that’s who they consider their new base?


    1. Democratic Operative · · Reply

      Well Arcenaux and Tant have made a point recently of talking about the need to promote moderates, so no doubt that means appealing to Republicans. I like what Kartik says about this in that other posting of his.


    2. Yep this is the new FDP philosophy. Blame real democrats for our defeats and embrace republican principles and elected officials hoping we could coax them to switch and run as republican
      Lite democrats.


  6. This is a total non-story. We are raising money better than ever and have a competent staff who have the full support of the party chair Senatir Nelson and the DNC chairwoman DWS.


    1. Democratic Operative · · Reply

      Raising money better than ever?


      I call B/S.


  7. True Blue · · Reply

    While some might think this is isolated this is a clear sign again of the poor organization, institutional knowledge, work ethic or logic that is employed by so many at the FDP. Just another embarrassment!


  8. Fla Democrat · · Reply

    I wonder if Adam Putnam or Marco Rubio are on the list also?

    If Dana Young is on the list ANYBODY could be on it!

    Great job FDP! More comic relief for the GOP.


  9. This is a humiliating and embarrassing mistake.

    What a joke!


  10. As an isolated incident this would be no big deal. Honestly email swaps of fundraising lists happen all the time. But the reality is this type of thing seems to always slip through the cracks at the Democratic Party. They don’t double checked work, make mistakes and the staff is often very unsophisticated want to comes to Florida politics.

    It is entirely possible they did not know that Dana Young was a leader in the Republican Party. They may assume she was a democratic member.

    The FDP hasn’t exactly hired the best and brightest staff. What they’ve done is fund low paid yes kids in Tallahassee whose loyalty to Scott A. is more important than competence and common sense. This allows the executive director whose track record of failure I think everybody reading this blog knows to consolidate even more power within the structure.


  11. Blue Dog Dem · · Reply

    Par for the course at party HQ.


  12. Still zero excuse even if young helped a Dem or not. Scrub the damn list!!!!!!


  13. Tampa Bay Demo · · Reply

    Kartik don’t try and justify it with this update. They didn’t scrub the list. It’s that simple. The party staff lives in its own world disconnected from reality. The ultimate loyalty of the staff is to the executive director and they know little about the Democratic Party outside of if you square block area around the capitol.


  14. This just smacks of naivety again by the FDP. Kartik seems to be buying the defense that “Young must have helped a Democrat.” Even assuming this is true, you should be tediously looking at lists for potential embarrassment.

    But as has been stated above, the FDP staff is very young, green and wet behind the ears. They are responsive ONLY to the Executive Director, whose track record of losing elections is probably the best in the country. While accountability reigns supreme in other state parties, Florida has actually taken steps to give more power to a seeming lifetime Executive Director after each losing election cycle.

    What this provides is just another example of how little detail the FDP staff puts into the job. It is shameful really.


  15. What a non-story. Anybody can sign up for FDP emails. The information is hardly private since the press routinely publishes them. Also, for all we know Dana Young tweeted that for the hell of it because she wanted to sew discontent in the Democratic Party. It obviously worked.


  16. Karen Landers · · Reply

    RPOF bought a list that had my deceased (2003) father (life long Dem) on it and tried to tell me they got it from the Supervisor of Elections. They got taken to the cleaners on this list.


  17. […] on Facebook, the FDP fixed it. That came just days after House Majority Leader Dana Young (R-Tampa) revealed that she was solicited by the FDP for a contribution. These mistakes seem to happen […]


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