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How did Florida Democrats Fare in 2013?

Exactly a year ago on December 31st when running for Chairwoman, Allison Tant released her blueprint for that she would do as Chair of the party. Let’s take a look at each point and how the Chairwoman and the party has fared. ┬áMy commentary is in bold italics. Please keep in mind Tant’s blueprint was […]

Time is running out to save Florida’s Oranges (from NPR)

Great piece from All Things Considered on NPR about the potentially bleak future of Florida Citrus industry.

Apologies for no postings – Back Tomorrow

Apologies for no new site content in the past week. As I (try to) make a living off English football (soccer) the period from Boxing Day (December 26th) through New Years Day is the busiest of the year, each and every year. In my previous employment in American soccer we even had the office closed […]

The Battle of Lake Okeechobee – Old Rough and Ready

Christmas Day 1837 was a turning point in Florida History and a day that propelled Zachary Taylor towards the White House. In the battle Colonel Taylor’s forces strategically defeated the Billy Bowlegs led Seminole Indians. This battle proved the turning point in the Second Seminole War which finished in a Federal victory and chasing of […]

Book Review: When Freedom Would Triumph -The Civil Rights Struggle in Congress

When Freedom Would Triumph: The Civil Rights Struggle in Congress, 1954-1968 Most books that discuss the Civil Rights era focus on the movement itself on the ground in the southeastern states. Robert Mann’s “When Freedom Would Triumph.” looks at the battle in Congress and the political world. It is an updated and abridged and highly […]

Last Minute Holiday Gift: Steven Kurlander’s Novel “Dog Days of September”

TFS Contributor Steven Kurlander’s Novel “Dog Days of September” is a perfect last minute gift for the Holidays. “Dog Days of September” is the story of a father who dies in the 9/11 WTC attack and a son who goes to fight to avenge his death. It is the tale of an Iraq War Veteran […]

The Florida Squeeze launches Bookstore

Today, The Florida Squeeze proudly announces that we are launching a “bookstore” on our site where we will provide links to items which we recommend. Today, we are listing seven books about Florida Political History and Government which we recommend, four of which have been reviewed previously on this website. In the coming weeks […]