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The Return of Sami Al-Arian

The man who arguably decided the 2004 US Senate race here in Florida has made a spectacular return to Washington politics last month according to the conservative Washington Free Beacon. Sami Al-Arian who has been found guilty of aiding the Palestinian Islamic Jihad was a longtime professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa, including […]

American Bridge 21st Century PAC savages Rick Scott in must-watch video

The liberal PAC has absolutely ripped Rick Scott in this well researched and produced video.

Book Review: Grand Old Party – The History of the Republican Party

Purchase Grand Old Party: A History of the Republicans from Professor Lewis Gould wrote this concise history of The Republican Party right in the middle of the Bush Administration as the US was embroiled in two wars of choice in the Middle East. Gould’s work takes the party from its inception as a vehicle […]

The Handshake that shook Miami

How different is Miami than the rest of the country? Only in Miami could a simple handshake between world leaders at a funeral become a scandalous moment. President Obama’s handshake with Cuban President Raul Castro has sent shock-waves through southeast Florida. Of course I speak in jest as it was not just the Cuban-American political […]

The View from Abroad: The new earth, the new man

My grandfather a retired Indian Supreme Court Justice turned 98 last month. Even in his advanced age he continues to give political opinions. Today in the Hindu, one of India’s most respected English-language dailies he has articulated his views on the leadership crisis in today’s India where corruption and rampant, unchecked capitalism has taken hold […]

Florida GOP tax breaks do not always add up

Yesterday, the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald ran an earth shattering investigation into Governor Rick Scott’s failure to bring more jobs to the state of Florida. As we’ve noted regularly on this site, the type of middle-wage and high-wage professional jobs that Florida needs have tended to not transpire under the leadership of our […]

Americanism, Conservatism, Humanism and the Mandela Legacy

As a long-time student of history and someone who followed the debates of the 1980s I have found the domestic discussions after Nelson Mandela’s passing both fascinating and worrying. Much discussion has arisen as it inevitably would about Nelson Mandela’s connections to communists. As I wrote on Thursday, local government in Miami and Dade County […]

The shameful Miami snub of Mandela

In 1990 when Nelson Mandela was released from prison it was a time of great joy throughout the planet as east and west alike united in praise of the man. However that summer when Mandela came to the US he got a heroes welcome everywhere but one spot in the country- Miami. In what was […]

The Crist Files: Crist The Closet Democrat?

From the Crist files A Palm Beach Post Editorial from February 2007: Crist “Has Given Democrats More Than They Could Have Gotten” On Their Own In a February 2007 article analyzing Crist’s decision to use an Executive Order to restore all federal rights to felons after they have served their sentences, the Palm Beach Post […]

On President Obama, Socialism and Economic Reality

Some (note I said some and not all) Republicans like to claim the United States under President Obama is on its way to socialism. Yet we have not seen nationalization of any industry, and many of the national standards for education and health care conservatives complain about were actually suggested by Republicans prior to Obama […]