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Florida’s history of urban racial riots and MLK Jr. 1964 St Augustine movement

In this special episode of The Florida History podcast, released early this week due to the civil disobedience and protesting going on nationally in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, we look back at Florida’s history with urban racial strife in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The 1980 Miami riots were the worst urban riots in […]

The Floridazation of the American right: #COVID-19, urban protests, WHO and China: Trump’s week, every possible thing he could do wrong, he did wrong.

Protests engulfed urban areas this week as protests over police brutality became the largest civil unrest we’ve seen in this country since 1968. I know many of our readers and supporters were in the streets and those of you who made the effort I salute your patriotism. A week that started with us honoring our […]

Privatizing Major Tom: Going ballistic for profit

One of the stellar American achievements of the last half-century has been privatized. It is the latest chapter in the neoliberal transformation that has changed a county with a market economy into a market society. Few things in recent American history captured the imagination and interest of pubic the way the space race did. At […]

Expressway revolts and toll roads in Florida

Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s activism was fueled by opposition to the building of urban expressways throughout the country. Florida was no different. This week on The Florida History Podcast, we discuss the expressway revolts in Florida as well as the cancelled roads, activism that came from the fights and the eventual fight between Democrats […]

#COVID-19 fallout: International airline service to/from Florida in June (May 24 update)

This week’s update includes sad news about TAME, Ecuador’s state-owned carrier which is being liquidated. Fort Lauderdale was the last destination served in the USA by Tame. Aeroflot Miami- Moscow (SVO) SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly) Aeromexico Miami-Mexico City Once weekly effective June 15 (normally once daily) Orlando-Mexico City Twice weekly effective June 15 (normally 10x […]

Florida’s War of 1812

The War of 1812 has for whatever reason a certain obscurity in American History. Even more obscure is the so-called “Patriot Rebellion” and American invasion of Spanish Florida in 1812. On this week we discuss this period on The Florida History Podcast. A conflict peripherally connected to the larger war between the United States and […]

#COVID-19 fallout: International airline service to/from Florida in June (May 17 update)

This week’s update has good news about Lufthansa returning service to the state in mid June. Several other updates as well. Air Canada Fort Lauderdale-Montreal 4x a week (normally twice daily) Fort Lauderdale – Toronto 3x a week (normally twice daily) Fort Myers-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally 4x a week) Miami- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally one daily) Miami-Toronto […]