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#Stayathome Reading suggestion: A Land Remembered

In the event you are scrambling for a late Florida-themed Christmas gift, I have a suggestion. A Land Remembered is perhaps the most fascinating historical fiction book about the state of Florida. No book describes old Florida and the transformation to modern state quite like A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith. The author who was nominated […]

#Stayathome reading and viewing suggestion: FDR and the birth of modern liberalism.

 Happy Days Are Here Again: The 1932 Democratic Convention, the Emergence of FDR–and How America Was Changed Forever,  The Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope,  and American Experience: FDR Being a Democrat today inevitably leads back to the New Deal and how the party structure in the United States essentially changed at that point […]

#Stayathome reading and listening suggestion: FDR takes the first ever Presidential flight

In  Episode 17 of The Florida History Podcast presented by The Florida Squeeze we chronicle the rise of Pan American World Airways Florida links, from birth in Key West to development of the US’ first major international airport on Dinner Key in Coconut Grove, Miami. We also discuss President Franklin Roosevelt becoming the first US President […]

Robert Searle’s St Augustine raid and the founding of South Carolina

In this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss a critical event that led to the building of the Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine. May 28, 1668 was the 82nd anniversary of Sir Frances Drake’s successful raid on St Augustine. That afternoon the 120 soldiers guarding St Augustine had been put on alert as […]

#Stayathome book suggestion: January 1973

January 1973: Watergate, Roe v. Wade, Vietnam, and the Month That Changed America Forever by James Robenalt is an essential read into a month in American history where a confluence of events all came together. It’s a very good read for the stay at home period thanks to Coronavirus. The book doesn’t really cover new ground […]

#Stayathome reading and listening suggestions: Claude Pepper

For progressive Floridians looking to pass the time during the current Coronavirus shutdown I recommend reading both  Red Pepper and Gorgeous George: Claude Pepper’s Epic Defeat in the 1950 Democratic Primary (Florida Government and Politics) and Claude Pepper and Ed Ball: Politics, Purpose, and Power (Florida History and Culture) about Claude Pepper, the liberal lion. We also […]

#Stayathome book suggestion: Last Train to Paradise

The building of the Overseas Railroad is one of great engineering feats in Florida’s history – in fact it might actually be one of the most amazing marvels in American history. Built thanks to Henry Flagler’s ingenuity and his deep pockets, the east coast railroad that had changed Florida was extended to the Keys to […]