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Answering questions about TFS +

In the last few weeks, we have received a number of private questions about the launch of TFS+ and TFS + Pro . Here is a quick primer. Will TFS have less content now? We are not putting anything we have provided our readers since our 2013 launch behind a paywall. Enhanced features including additional […]

The First Underground Railroad: Freedom in Florida Part 3, The American Revolution

Part I Part II This week, on part III of our Florida History Podcast series on the nation’s First Underground Railroad, we move from Spanish rule of Florida, to British East Florida. Once the British assumed control of Florida via the Treaty of Paris in 1763, they brought a Plantation economy to the area, and […]

The Sunshine State Parkway in 1960

The 109-mile Sunshine State Parkway opened in 1957. The road which became known as Florida’s Turnpike in 1968 was extended north of Fort Pierce in 1960. This information sheet about the SSP featuring a welcome from Governor Collins is from 1960.

Pan Am II: A History

A brief narrative of history of the second version of Pan American World Airways is coming to these pages in the near future. The second Pan Am which flew from 1996 to 1998 was based in Miami and had a Florida-heavy route map (as indicated below). Any reader questions or thoughts about Pan Am II, […]

TFS + – Classic Florida post cards and Citrus Crates

We’re making our TFS + and TFS + Pro series on classic Florida postcards, Citrus Crates and travel promotions available for free during June. You can see all of the posts of this nostalgic Florida series during June at our TFS + page.

Dear Governor DeSantis, Florida’s history in relation to Anti-Catholicism needs to be taught – let’s call it a “Critical Religious Theory.”

Governor DeSantis and his allies on the State Board of Education have banned the teaching of “Critical Race Theory.” This is fascinating given the ban which applies to public schools have never taught “Critical Race Theory,” something that is solely discussed at the University level. However, with all of the recent discussions about “Critical Race […]

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

See Jupiter Inlet, the mouth of the Loxahatchee River and beginning of the Indian River Lagoon from the top of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was built between 1858 and 1860. It was designed by General George Meade who in 1863 became the hero at the Battle of Gettysburg.

That was fast! Fort Lauderdale strikes back with Southwest resuming multiple international routes from the airport

Days after Broward-County-based Spirit Airlines, Fort Lauderdale’s market leader announced thirty new destinations from rival Miami International Airport, Southwest has quietly loaded five international routes into its reservation system from Fort Lauderdale. The newly loaded routes are from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun, Grand Cayman, Montego Bay, Nassau and the Turks & Caicos islands. The services […]

The First Underground Railroad. Freedom in Florida Part 2 (1739-1763)

This week’s Florida History Podcast, is the second-part of our four-part series on runaway slaves and freedom in Florida – the first underground railroad. This episode covers the period from 1739 to 1763. For the British in London, knocking Spain out of the war of Austrian Succession was strategic in a larger global conflict. For […]

What are our reader’s views: Is Governor DeSantis committed to ensuring that the American History we learn continues to be the stuff of fairy tale myths? Or does he have a point?

Editors note: It’s ironic that this past week we launched a four-part Podcast series on the first underground railroad which made its way to Florida from the late 1600’s to the early 1800’s. It appears our Governor doesn’t like such discussions. Statist Authoritarian Governor Ron DeSantis’ latest crusade is to force history teachers to project […]