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Flashback Friday: The Democrats who happily handed our state over to the GOP two decades ago – #neverforget

After losing a close election in 1994, Republican Jeb Bush faced Lieutenant Governor Buddy MacKay in the 1998 General Election. MacKay who was one of the most qualified candidates ever to run for Governor in this state suffered from a divided Democratic Party which was full of political opportunists who backed Bush. The election was […]

Flashback Friday: 1950 Florida US Senate Democratic Primary – Liberal vs Conservative and the onset of McCarthyism

The current battle that is raging between progressives and those who are more aligned with the corporate world is far from the first such battle within the Florida Democratic Party. The tension that began with the New Deal between progressives supportive of FDR and old-line Bourbon Democrats who were aligned with business interests raged throughout […]

Flashback Friday: A hundred years of political racism in Florida

Editors note: With the recent legislative discussion of the Groveland case and a potential state apology for the verdict we decided to combine several pieces over the years from TFS with some new material to create this narrative. It also seems an apt time to discuss this history in the United States under Donald Trump. […]

Flashback Friday: Senator George Smathers on the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Florida Senator George Smathers was a confidant of three Presidents, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon. Having served with all three in Congress, Smathers became a hot item around Washington. The Senator was also for much of his tenure one of the most influential Democrats back home in Florida. His rise […]

Flashback Friday: I-10 and Tallahassee – a long road to today

Folks from the peninsula or west Florida who travel I-10 to get to/from Tallahassee may not be aware of the complicated history of building the Interstate through Leon County and how the city was the last major one in Florida (except Fort Myers) to be linked to the Interstate system despite being the state capital […]

Flashback Friday: The first US National Wildlife Refuge

We mark the return of Flashback Friday by celebrating the anniversary of the oldest National Wildlife Refugee – Pelican Island which is just outside Sebastian. As we discussed last week in reviewing the film Wind Over the Everglades   the bird trade was becoming a poacher’s paradise in the early 1900’s as the demand for feathers […]

What we are reading: South Florida demolition through the years

As someone who grew up in southeast Florida, this slideshow from the South Florida Sun Sentinel was an incredible trip down memory lane.