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Edison and Ford in Florida

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford both famously wintered in Fort Myers. In the case of Edison, some of his great works were developed outside Menlo Park, NJ and in Florida. This week on The Florida History Podcast we talk about both famous titans time in Florida and discuss the Gilded Age, Titans of Industry and […]

South Florida’s incomplete mass transit (among other things) inhibits the region’s delusions of grandeur in attracting Californians and New Yorkers

In recent weeks, south Florida’s elected officials led by Miami Mayor Frances Suarez (a man skillfully adroit enough but also so lacking in actual political conviction to be found in Trumpian, Never Trump GOP and Neoliberal Dem circles) have been pushing the region as a destination for those “stuck” in New York or the San […]

Marco Rubio, The Cuban Disappointment

In the motherhood Hall of Fame there is one special section for moms who make their kids feel guilty, shaming them into doing things they don’t want to do. Honorable mention to all the Jewish moms out there. Cuban moms have a special knack for guilt inducing diatribes with all the drama of the worst […]

United States of America AKA Home of the Big Mind Fuck.

When I started on what I’ll call the project of writing for the Florida Squeeze it was my intent to draw a line from pre (and post) Castro Cuba’s perversion and flat out thuggery of the politics in my state, Florida. The events of the last month or so have my thoughts going in about […]

Muhammad Ali in Miami

Muhammad Ali, one of the most famous American sportsmen of all time spent his formative years both as a boxer and a activist in Miami. Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) lived in Miami from 1960 to 1967. On this week’s Florida History Podcast, we discuss Ali’s Miami and the new critically acclaimed film One Night in […]

Stupid Bowl LV

I will admit as a Tampa Native I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Buccaneers and the NFL, and local politicians who’ve given way too much to both. My dad has always hated the team and even volunteered to drive them out of the city for free when there was talk of moving them from […]

Florida, America’s Trashcan for People.

I promised a series of Cuban/Florida politics, I promise I will get back to that I will get back to that in due time.   Two comments on Twitter got me to thinking last week. The first was Ms. Dionne Warwick asking the question, “what’s going on down there in Florida?” The second was Kirstie […]

Florida and Watergate

The Watergate Scandal which ultimately brought down President Richard Nixon had many of its most important elements based in and around the Sunshine State. Like many things associated with the Nixon White House, Florida was center stage for much of the scandal. This week on The Florida History Podcast we discuss the many links between […]

The Big Cuban Lie and the Cuban Liars who tell it.

I don’t know everyone else’s writing process, I know mine. I come up with a working title and let the work flow from there.  I’ll preface this title with telling you I’m third generation Cuban American brought up by a family not wedded to any political party. My grandparents and their siblings taught us about […]

1968 Miami protests and riots during the Republican National Convention

Less famous than the demonstrations and riots during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami saw massive protests that turned into riots simultaneous with the convention. Richard Nixon was nominated by the Convention for President, but Florida Governor Claude Kirk who was hoping to be on the GOP […]