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Winding Waters in Palm Beach County

NY Times: How the Proud Boys took over the Miami-Dade GOP

Fantastic reporting by The New York Times – a chilling read for all concerned about our Republic.

Miami native Frank Martin makes history in the unlikliest place

South Carolina had not even won an NCAA Tournament game since 1973 two weeks ago, but today the Miami native Frank Martin led the school to its first Final Four. The unlikely run continued with the Gamcocks 77-70 win over Florida in the Elite Eight. The fifty one-year old Martin coached High School Basketball in […]

What we are reading: Can Miami rise from being a service economy? There’s hope in the numbers

Miami has long been a service economy based area, but as the city and region try to emerge as a global marketplace the economy must be diversified. The Miami Herald indicates hope is in the numbers that Miami might be making strides toward more diversification.

Bittel wins Miami-Dade SCM race, advances to face Clendenin, Carius and King

Kartik, Mario Piscatella and I are waiting until tomorrow to process the election tonight, and to gather our notes on the other candidates to bring you a Progressive News Network podcast update on the race for FDP chair. I was exhausted after tonight’s election and I was just watching from my home office. Mario did […]

Bal Harbour election about empowering citizens

Bal Harbour voters will cast ballots for two Council seats on Election Day 2016, with a pair of incumbent candidates – Martin Packer and Jaime Sanz – facing challenges from two newcomers, Jeffrey Freimark and David Albaum. In recent weeks, several things have been written about whether these two challengers are being overly influenced by Bal Harbour Shops. The contention of the incumbents is that these newcomers will readily vote to […]

Charlie Crist and Cuba – Electoral Disaster?

Charlie Crist is playing with electoral fire with his strongly articulated views on Cuba. Recent polling indicates that this position of Crist’s is problematic in a key demographic group which the former Governor and presumptive Democratic nominee must be more competitive with in order to regain the Governorship. It is also worth noting that Governor […]