Monthly Archives: April 2015

Could Patrick Murphy wake up Florida Democrats on environmental issues?

Democrats claim to care about the environment. This legislative session we saw the Republicans push fracking and water legislation which are incompatible with the values of most Floridians on environmental issues. Yet for the most part Democrats have de-emphasized environmental issues. The de-emphasis of environmental issues by Florida Democrats, I believe no doubt hurt the Obama […]

Some Republicans still denying reality on Cuba

President Obama’s attempts at détente with Florida’s southern neighbor Cuba have been well-received throughout the nation and by many in Florida. Approval for the policy change has been wide-ranging and controversy at a minimum. That is unless a zealot has power in some capacity, as Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart currently has in the US House. Diaz-Balart has […]

SINE DIE not a completely crazy move by the House

The Florida House irresponsibly cut its session short on Tuesday afternoon at 1:15. Or did it? First off let me state that the House position on Medicaid expansion is irreconcilable with the responsibilities of a western industrialized nation. Were Florida to continue down this current path, our state’s health care system will more closely resemble […]

Introducing the Broward Squeeze

During the course of the past several months we have editorialized on this website about the importance of local elections and a renewed focus on local government for progressives. In that spirit, TFS will be launching a series of locally oriented sites beginning May 1st. The Broward Squeeze will launch later this week and will […]

Florida’s Testing Era Ends & the Book Closes on Jeb’s Grand School Grading Experiment”

By Dr. Rachel Pienta In another year, Florida might be buzzing over a special session on schools.  Concerns related to funding and testing continue to be hot button issues.  This year, however, education has taken a back seat to health care and Medicaid expansion.  That said, it does not mean that the executive or legislative […]

April’s GOP Flavor of the Month: Why Marco Rubio and can it last?

Florida’s Junior Senator has shot up the Republican Presidential rankings in recent weeks, becoming without any question a top-tier candidate. Rubio leads some national polling and unlike other candidates in both parties has had an almost flawless campaign launch. How exactly did this happen, and why is Rubio suddenly a real contender for the GOP […]

Flashback Friday: The American Conquest of Florida

Florida was formally annexed into the United States by the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 between the US and Spain. However, Florida’s move from Spanish Colony that spanned from the Mississippi River to the Keys after the 1783 Treaty of Paris to American territory happened piecemeal between 1810 and 1819 and involved more than anything the […]