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KILLING US SOFTLY: On abortion we’re one compromise away from third world status

This week I traveled to Tallahassee to “tell my abortion story” to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Along with two other women, we went to make women’s voices heard as the fate of the Mandatory Wait Bill (SB 724) was “considered.”I put “considered” in scare quotes because we all know that there’s no “consideration” in these matters. […]

Flashback Friday: Senator Bob Graham and the Iraq War

While many in Washington in both parties were anxious to rush toward a military conflict with Iraq in 2002, Florida’s Senior Senator Bob Graham was a lonely voice in the wilderness cautioning against the invasion of Iraq. In October 2002, after reading the intelligence reports related to Saddam Hussein and has WMD program, Graham voted […]

Democratic Progressive Caucus Calls on Florida Senate Candidates to Refuse Wall Street Money

The Democratic Progressive Caucus has been in the news a great deal lately. The 2016 US Senate race for the seat that apparently is being vacated by Senator Marco Rubio has created a rift between some progressives in the party and establishment figures. At the same time, the GOP is having a very difficult time […]

Guest Column: State Tax Policies Rigged to Fail Workers

By Ronda Wallace I have been preparing taxes for years and I have become known for getting my clients the largest possible returns. Many of my customers are low income parents and they count on credits like the earned income tax credit to catch up on their bills or make costly repairs to their vehicles. […]

The Florida Legislature, Marco Rubio, hypocrisy and the naked ideology of an Oligarchy

On a day when former State House Speaker Marco Rubio announced his intentions to run for President of the United States as a candidate of the right, no better time exists to look at the behavior of the Florida Legislature. Since the late 1990’s Florida’s Legislature has drifted further and further from the mainstream of […]

Patrick Murphy and the Everglades

Saturday’s shocking news that Jeff Atwater will not seek the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio sent shock-waves through Florida politics. As we discussed just a few short days ago, Atwater seemed likely to win any head-to-head race with a Democrat, was perceived as a moderate and drew from […]

How progressive is Patrick Murphy?

Partisanship and ideology are two different things. Some Democratic operatives have made an effort to identify Congressman Patrick Murphy who is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 US Senate race as a progressive. Others including the Democratic Progressive Caucus feel Murphy is too far to the right on the ideological spectrum. The evidence […]

Following Progressive Caucus letter, Patrick Murphy issues new statement on Social Security while FDP official has mini-meltdown

By Brook Hines One of the things I love about politics around here is that every so often people just ‘let it fly’ in a way that’s so breathtaking you have to step back and appreciate its narsty grandeur. Take the threat to decertify the Democratic Progressive Caucus and strip a member of DNC status, […]

Flashback Friday: The End of the Civil War in Florida

This week marked the 150th Anniversary of the end of major hostilities in the Civil War. Throughout much of the war, union forces occupied Pensacola and Key West the two most strategic locations in the state. But the capital, Tallahassee which was the size of a large village at the time was never captured and […]

Poll: US Senate Race – Democratic nomination

Given all of the excitement of the last few weeks, this poll is in order. Vote below.