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What we are reading: Shark-fin trade in Florida targeted in senate bill

From The Orlando Sentinel, Senator Travis Hutson (R-Elkon) is filling a bill to cut down on the trade and possession of shark fins in Florida. As someone who avoids any restaurant or merchant that partakes in this trade, I applaud this legislation.

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Kim Daniels – The Democrats own evangelist could be taking Tallahassee by storm

Jacksonville Democrat Kim Daniels was certain to grab headlines and attention once she was elected to the State House. The flamboyant Daniels who is an evangelist and author with a national following will be the first member of the House Democratic Caucus in sometime  who is out-and-out focused on pushing issues related to curbing secularism […]

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A Ronald Reagan specialty license plate? Only in Florida…

Newly elected Rep. Rick Roth (R- Loxahatchee) whose ties to the sugar industry we previously editorialized  about has filed a piece of legislation so ridiculous it screams FLORIDA LEGISLATURE all over it. Rep. Roth has filed a bill to create a Ronald Reagan specialty tag here in the state of Florida. Specialty license plates have proliferated to […]

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Will North Carolina be the new model for Florida Republicans?

The State of North Carolina has become an international embarrassment. Since the GOP takeover of NC legislature in 2010 and the victory of Pat McCrory in the 2012 Governor’s race, the state has become further and further radicalized at the political level. Despite being a purple state at the national level and perhaps the most […]


20 years of GOP rule of the Florida Legislature

I’m somewhat surprised we have not gotten more commemorations because this week’s organizational session marked 20 years since the GOP captured complete control of the Florida Legislature. The Republicans captured a House majority on Election Day 1996 ironically as Bill Clinton was becoming the first Democratic Presidential nominee to carry the state in twenty years. […]

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Indian River Lagoon being destroyed (perhaps intentionally?) in Rick Scott’s Florida

Last week we discussed the continued struggles for the Caloosahatchee River  and the lagoon area in Lee County that is part of the river. This week it’s the Indian River Lagoon which has been endangered for years but has been far from a priority of state government. WMFE has an outstanding feature on the current crisis […]


Audio: What Spurs Economic Activity in Florida?

This week I spoke to Joseph F. Pennisi, Executive Director of the Florida Policy Institute about a new report they issued that shows how tax cuts and incentives to big businesses don’t achieve the goals of increasing economic activity and creating jobs. Listen to find out what really spurs economic activity. Link to report —> […]