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Brandon Peters the candidate the Democrats have been looking for in North Central Florida

In North Central Florida, the Democrats have a candidate that defies the conventional norms and could very well be a look into the future of the how the party has to run to be successful in Florida. Brandon Peters, a longtime attorney and Florida native, who also served as Director of Voter Protection for the […]

Should House Democrats who didn’t stand in solidarity with minority Reps on the DeSantis map get a primary challenge?

It’s perhaps not enough to have merely voted no on the arbitrarily-drawn DeSantis Congressional plan. This is of course a plan so outrageous that it scuttles two majority-minority districts, while packing Democrats into several other districts to maximize the Republican advantages all over the state. For several days, the fact multiple (white) Democratic State House […]

DeSantis loses in court again – voter suppression law (SB 90) struck down

On Thursday, a U.S. federal court struck down multiple key provisions of Florida’s Senate Bill 90 that equated to voter suppression. Chief U.S. District Judge Mark E. Walker ruled that 2021 Florida Senate Bill 90 violates federal law, by unconstitutionally impeding the federally protected right to vote for Floridians.The Judge stated that “the right to […]

Reminder: Twitter Space today at 3pm ET with Rep. Anna Eskamani

“Don’t say gay” playing out EXACTLY how Governor DeSantis intended it to as the Soviet Florida keeps rolling on

Don’t buy the whiny victimization, angry press conferences or indignant tweets from Ron DeSantis and his acolytes. The bottom line is this, the conversation nationally over HB 1557, aka “The Don’t Say Gay Bill,” is playing out EXACTLY how the Governor wants it. In a one party state like the Soviet Union, where DeSantis is […]

Squeezing Tallahassee – debuting Monday March 21, 3pm with special guest Rep. Anna Eskamani

Following the most ignominious Legislative Session since I have been following the legislature (the mid 1990’s), we launch our new Twitter program, Squeezing Tallahassee, which will be a critical and progressive look at Florida politics and lawmaking. For our first show, Rep. Anna Eskamani, a tireless champion of the most important causes for Floridians will […]

Another reason the #StopWoke Act is horrible – it’s anti-Florida

Senator Garcia’s craziness defines a GOP that’s horribly insensitive

Several weeks ago, we wrote about the inflammatory rhetoric of Senator Illeana Garcia (R-Miami) who had gained her seat in the State Senate in the biggest case of election fraud during the 2020 cycle anywhere in the country. As noted last month, Garcia’s previous claim to fame was that she founded “Latina’s for Trump.” Today […]

Editorial: Remember in November that Florida GOPers mean what they say

For years, a debate has circulated among opinion leaders in this state. Do elected GOPers really intend to end access to reproductive rights in this state? Are they really homophobic? Do they really have an issue with talking about this nation’s past racism? The assumption had often been that the GOP uses these provocative hot-button […]

Say Gay week at TFS – the DeSantis agenda of dividing Floridians must be countered

Don’t be shy and don’t fall into the trap of the DeSantis Republicans whose goal is to divide Floridians, by turning neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend and family member against family member. As with Covid, where DeSantis’ strategy was to divide people and break our Florida community (which he was successful at doing) and […]