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Brandon Peters the candidate the Democrats have been looking for in North Central Florida

In North Central Florida, the Democrats have a candidate that defies the conventional norms and could very well be a look into the future of the how the party has to run to be successful in Florida. Brandon Peters, a longtime attorney and Florida native, who also served as Director of Voter Protection for the […]

Let’s stop calling the GOP, “Republicans.”

Many years ago, Republicans and FOX News began a minor but very noticeable shift, calling Democrats instead “Democrat,” or the “Democrat Party.” It was intentional as many internal memos revealed to end implications that the Democratic Party was in fact, democratic. Well today we have a “Republican” Party that disdains republicanism. The Trump years have […]

What are our readers expectations for 2022?

Will Covid be back under control? Will Governor DeSantis ride to an easy reelection? Will the Democrats seriously contest any other cabinet offices? Will Democrats voter registration woes reverse itself? Will international tourism to Florida recover this year? A lot to ponder as we enter 2022. This is an open forum, have at it!