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Botched evacuations & bureaucratic indifference lead to death – what happened in the 1935 Keys storm

With Hurricane Ian’s death toll rising in addition to the other enormous costs for Florida, this seems like an appropriate time to discuss the 1935 Labor Day Keys Hurricane, the strongest to ever make landfall in the US. The National Hurricane Center in 2014 reclassified the 1935 Keys Labor Day Storm, one of the greatest tragedies […]

TFS Archives: Irma a year later. Assessing the rubble of Florida’s disaster and has the state made the needed changes?

This is really important in the wake of Ian. All sorts of promises of change were made after Irma, and most promises were not kept. By Islanders41 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, IRMA A YEAR LATER: ASSESSING THE RUBBLE OF FLORIDA’S DISASTER AND PREVENTING FAILURE AGAIN September 9, 2018 · by Kartik Krishnaiyer · in 2018, Hurricane season · 2 Comments ·Edit From […]

Express Lane: Peter Schorsch schools DeSantistans, Cape Coral typifies coastal over-development, interior flooding and Leon GOP throws in with John Dailey

Note: We’re publishing early today Ron DeSantis for better or worse has attracted a lot of new Floridians, ones let’s just say that are showing how unFloridian they are in reaction to Ian. Here are some choice Tweets from Saturday courtesy of Florida Politics Publisher Peter Schorsch. It was quite odd to see DeSantis doing […]

The Express Lane: Ian and history, Climate Change, Dailey’s newest cynical attacks on Dozier

In terms of intensity only Michael of 2018, Charley of 2004 and Andrew of 1992 are in the same league as Ian. But Ian impacted a larger population than all three of those storms. Michael hit in the least populated portions of the state, Charley despite hitting the same exact location with almost the same […]

Express Lane for Sept 27: Property Insurance crisis, NHC performance in Ian so far

It is no secret: Florida has a property insurance crisis. Many homeowners can’t get coverage or have limited coverage. The legislature has tried and failed to create a better system to deal with property insurance, and for the most part, completely failed.  As Hurricane Ian threatens to wreak havoc on the Gulf Coast, it’s time we […]

Wind probabilities for Florida cities per NHC

At 5pm ET, the NHC calculates these are the probabilities for Florida cities to experience Tropical Storm force winds between now and Saturday: Venice 95% Tampa 92% Naples 85% Cedar Key 79% Fort Myers 76% Key West 73% The Villages 69% Melbourne 64% Orlando 63% Daytona Beach 56% Jacksonville 50% West Palm Beach 48% Fort […]

Express Lane Sept 26: Tampa Bay Hurricane History, Charlie Crist in PR

As the state casts its eye on Ian and the constantly shifting models, one thing remains clear. The Tampa Bay Area which has not been directly hit by a Hurricane since 1921 (1968 if you count Citrus County) is going to get a real dose of what the rest of the state has suffered through. […]

TFS Express Lane: September 25: Kartik remembers Pete Antonacci

We’re suspending our normal Express Lane for one day so Kartik Krishnaiyer can give his views on Pete Antonacci who passed away from a massive heart attack in the Capitol on Friday. The passing of Pete Antonacci from a massive heart attack in the Capitol sent shockwaves through the Florida governmental, legal and political community […]

Florida Democrats score a hit with earned media in south Florida on DeSantis stunt

As someone who has often been critical of the Democratic party’s comms strategy, let me congratulate them on all of these outstanding earned media hits in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market regarding DeSantis and Martha’s Vineyard. This is good framing. Links to clips below: WPLG (ABC) WSVN (FOX) WFOR (CBS) WTVJ (NBC) WLTV (Univision) WSCV (Telemundo)

TFS Express Lane September 23: Hurricane models, DeSantis fails Florida history and SD-3 race

Hurricane Irma plowed right up the Florida Peninsula this month, five years ago, leaving 84 Floridians dead and a trail of destruction all over. Now we’re on alert again. Below are the latest runs from the GFS and EURO models, the two most reliable models historically. Note they are more reliable for track than for […]