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Why are Democrats getting sucked into more DeSantis culture war stuff? Talk about economics & Health Care instead!

Democrats have a growing problem with working class voters of ALL ethnicities and races (not just white working class voters as a lot of party elites like to claim but yet, many Democratic elected officials in the state continue to be suckered into cultural battles by Governor DeSantis – the same types of battles the […]

Are “DeSantis Democrats” the new “swing”voters as part of a realignment in 2023 and beyond?

Preface: I don’t know the answer, I am just posing a question here. We’ve spent a lot of time on this site talking about the death of “swing” voters and how elections are now effectively turnout wars. That remains basically true, but as we discussed last week, specific issues like student loan forgiveness can swing […]

No political pundits, DeSantis will not represent a return to “normalcy”

Since the November 8 election, GOP establishment figures and the donor class in that party have coalesced around an idea that Governor Ron DeSantis represents a departure from Trumpism. Opinion pieces like this one The Washington Post have littered publications both online and in print. It’s hard to know if these sorts of views are […]

Express Lane: DeSantis as “god’s chosen instrument”, Antisemitism running rampant in DeSantis’ Florida, and latest on VBM/EV numbers

Note: Our writers are all active in campaigns in one form or another, so the timing of this column might be sporadic the next few days. This Ron DeSantis advertisement is about the most offensive one to secular people we have seen in recent Florida history. The irony being, the GOP as our Kartik Krishnaiyer […]

DeSantis silence on antisemitism continues an unacceptable pattern for the Governor on the issue

Why is Governor DeSantis so silent on anti-Semitic discrimination? Despite meek statements he’s not calling out the clear pattern of discrimination being seen in Florida. (Edited – we don’t consider the Governor talking about his record while avoiding the topic at hand actually addressing it) After a number of antisemitic displays and demonstrations cropped up […]

Crist hits DeSantis for refusing to condemn growing antisemitism

We ran the Express Lane column too early today it appears. Governor Crist has released this statement about Governor DeSantis: “I am disgusted and horrified at the hateful, antisemitic rhetoric that was displayed in Jacksonville this weekend. Hate should have no home in Florida, period. “But while antisemitism is spreading in our state, Governor DeSantis […]

Just how costly was Ron DeSantis “pussy cat-like” debate performance?

Governor DeSantis turned in arguably the worst debate performance by a sitting Governor in Florida’s history on Monday night. It was the worst performance by any Gubernatorial candidate since Bill McBride’s infamous mistake-filled 2002 debate vs Jeb Bush, that led directly to the biggest landslide election many of us remember in this state. The Governor […]

Lincoln Project drops on-point anti-DeSantis ad about tyranny


Express Lane: Do newspaper endorsements still matter and Whataboutism

On Friday, The Miami Herald Editorial Board penned the most articulate newspaper endorsement of a candidate we have ever seen in strongly endorsing Charlie Crist for Governor. In fact, the endorsement read like a synergy of multiple articles from this site, citing Governor DeSantis divisiveness, hypocrisy, disregard for the rule of law and destruction of […]

Crist property insurance ad should put DeSantis on the defensive

Unfortunately, due to funding issues much of Florida has not seen this ad, which is well done from the Crist campaign and properly put in context the property insurance situation then (when Crist was governor) and now (when Ron DeSantis is governor). The ad has been running for almost two weeks but again, is getting […]