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In unhinged rant, DeSantis claims Biden should be given “honorary membership” in drug cartels

Governor Ron DeSantis demagoguery on immigration and the southern border reached a new low on Wednesday as he said President Biden should have “honorary membership” in drug cartels as part of a longer diatribe about a number of cultural issues. The line was another incendiary flash point in a longer rant about immigration, “woke” corporations, […]

DeSantis faux-populism depends largely on Biden’s generosity

Governor DeSantis has marketed himself as a conservative, yet a progressive-populist, taking on big business, liberal elites and identity politics all while consolidating power squarely in his own hands. However, DeSantis image (which is contradictory, he can’t be a conservative and populist at the same time) depends on the generosity of the Federal Government, President […]

Cord Byrd appointment a dangerous escalation of the war on voting and cultural programs

Rep. Cord Byrd (R-Neptune Beach) has been appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis as Secretary of State replacing Laurel Lee who resigned apparently to seek the new Tampa Bay-area Congressional seat that is anchored in eastern Hillsborough County. Secretary Lee, has from my vantage point done a good job maintaining the Department of State’s commitment to […]

DeSantis loses in court again – court to order a new Congressional Map

While much of the focus on Governor DeSantis brazen and unprecedented foray into Congressional Redistricting had to do with potential violations of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, his plan as we repeatedly discussed on this site ran terribly afoul of the Fair Districts Amendment to the Constitution. Leon County Circuit Court Judge Layne Smith, […]

Governor DeSantis career of attacks on reproductive freedom

Governor DeSantis loves to use “freedom” as some sort of cheap tag line to project when he bans books or prohibits businesses from regulating their workplaces for health and safety as they see fit. On the issue of reproductive freedom, DeSantis has been particularly bad through the years, both as a member of Congress and […]

Lincoln Project targets DeSantis book ban in new Ad

DeSantis isn’t Trump or a classic GOPer- he is #SomethingNew entirely. He is the American Orbán

For those trying to understand how Governor DeSantis could talk about stamping out woke education, defend gutting the voting rights act in the state, and keeping Florida “free” during Covid, yet side with solar rooftop owners versus one of the nation’s largest utility companies within one 48 hour-period, it’s because Governor DeSantis is something new […]

The textbook ban: some pressing questions

It appears that despite some recent reinstatement’s, per reports the recent textbook purge means only one publisher will be providing the bulk of math books available for Florida students from Kindergarten to the 5th Grade. Multiple reports have indicated that the only publisher that had been approved to offer the majority of K-5 math books in […]

Could dissolving Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District hurt Everglades & Kissimmee River restoration?

Governor Ron DeSantis has fashioned himself a champion of Everglades restoration and on some scores he’s done far better than his predecessor (not that that was particularly hard given but…he’s done well on some stuff). For example, without DeSantis tireless advocacy, I doubt the vital Tamiami Trial project would be so far along or as […]

DeSantis veto of net metering bill preserves progress, protects Floridians and saves some of us thousands of dollars

As someone who has overseen my entire residence being converted to solar between 2018 and 2021, FPL’s net metering bill targeted ME and tens of thousands like me, specifically. HB 741 I had interpreted as a direct shot at me personally, something I have never done with an individual piece of legislation before. Governor DeSantis […]