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DeSantis performative art is all about avoidance of his failures and special interest favors

The last two weeks, Governor Ron DeSantis has taken heat for using migrants as political pawns in order to distract from his extreme abortion ban and the fact that he is doing next to nothing to address skyrocketing housing costs for people who desperately need the relief. It’s making him vulnerable here in Florida. DeSantis has actually been working hand-in-hand with wealthy […]

Florida Democrats score a hit with earned media in south Florida on DeSantis stunt

As someone who has often been critical of the Democratic party’s comms strategy, let me congratulate them on all of these outstanding earned media hits in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market regarding DeSantis and Martha’s Vineyard. This is good framing. Links to clips below: WPLG (ABC) WSVN (FOX) WFOR (CBS) WTVJ (NBC) WLTV (Univision) WSCV (Telemundo)

TFS Express Lane: DeSantis, Martha’s Vineyard and Antisemitism

Governor DeSantis has gotten the requisite attention he demands for his inhumane stunt of sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, using state funds. For a Governor that thrives on performance-art and defying the norms of democratic republics, he is in his element right now. But questions continues to persist and the controversy is swirling so intensely, […]

TFS Express Lane, September 19: Tallahassee Mayor’s Debate, CFO Patronis Obama tweet, Nikki Fried bringing the heat and a “Dear Leader” Birthday for Florida GOPers

At the first Tallahassee Mayor’s debate of the 2022 general election, John Dailey was every bit the red-faced menace more and more of Tallahassee knows him to be. Practically spitting as he heaved personal invective at his opponent, County Commissioner Kristin Dozier — who came in first place in August, shattering Dailey’s perceived inevitability — […]

The unprecedented DeSantis threat – now so many see it the way I have

This past week has been a whirlwind for me, as messages have flowed in to me, basically saying “you are right.”. As I have discussed at this website for close to two years, I believe Governor DeSantis represents the greatest existential threat to the Republic since Joe McCarthy – that’s right, a greater threat than […]

Twitter Space discussion tomorrow 12:15 pm et: DeSantis, immigrants, Texas, Martha’s Vineyard, etc

Join us on my Twitter @kkfla737 tomorrow at 12:15 pm ET for a discussion with Massachusetts-based Tim Smyth and our own Dave Trotter on Wednesday and Thursday’s earth-shattering events.

NatCon3 Miami: DeSantis outlines vision for anti-capitalist, state control while simultaneously claiming Biden “regime” controls big tech

You can’t make this stuff up. Watch the below speech, delivered earlier this week at the National Conservative conference in Miami. A combination of laughable and highly-charged frightening stuff.

DeSantis grudge against Florida leads to fewer professional opportunities for Floridians

Florida GOPers love to talk about creating a positive business climate in the state. Perhaps this is the case for low wage, non-professional jobs, but as time goes on, it becomes clearer, Florida is NOT a destination for higher-wage, professional jobs. Governor DeSantis attacks on “woke corporations,” as well as the open hostility he’s displayed […]

DeSantis and toll roads – the end of the romance shows, performance art > governing for him

The most blatant pandering possible was undertaken by Governor Ron DeSantis this week as he announced in Orlando. DeSantis claims the six-month program, essentially a toll rebate for frequent Sun Pass users, will save commuters an estimated $38 million. Ironically, despite being announced in Orlando, most toll roads in Orange County are NOT covered by […]

The race of our lives – Crist v DeSantis : Sunshine v Darkness

Florida is the Sunshine State. However, we not only have been covered by dark clouds the last four years, but we face the prospect of permanent descent into our own Dark Ages where individualism, tribalism and selfishness will prevail over our collective goals. This November, we face the most critical choice imaginable. Return to the […]