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On Critical Race Theory: How should history be taught in Florida Schools?

On a Special Edition of The Florida History Podcast, Kartik Krishnaiyer dives into the topic of the day as created by Governor Ron DeSantis – the controversy over “Critical Race Theory.” Governor DeSantis and his allies on the State Board of Education have banned the teaching of “Critical Race Theory.” This is fascinating given the […]

Does “green governor” DeSantis already regret his (regrettable) Kendall Parkway vote? Or is it all a game?

While Democrats and ideological liberals do not like Governor Ron DeSantis, he’s basically proven to be a “majoritarian” in office, zig-zagging from conservatism on social issues to an anti-free market populist on fiscal issues. But one thing may trip him up which is his fealty to developers and anti-environmental forces while rhetorically being green, because […]

The failure of Florida Democrats has fed DeSantis’ Machiavellian success

Florida Democrats have never met quite a match as they do now in Governor Ron DeSantis. While Florida’s Democrats are on a twenty plus year losing streak, they’ve often lucked out in terms of opposition and the use of power. DeSantis is a master of holding and using power in the manner taught to us […]

DeSantis v Capitalism and free enterprise: The new Florida GOP anti-Capitalist ideology defined

Ron DeSantis calls himself a “conservative.” However, it’s telling he’s stopped talking about being a “free market conservative.” Why? Because quite frankly his ideology now is a mixture of culture fascism and leftist state control of private industry and the economy. Last week, The Governor posted the above graphic claiming wanting responsible public health standards […]

Dear Governor DeSantis, Florida’s history in relation to Anti-Catholicism needs to be taught – let’s call it a “Critical Religious Theory.”

Governor DeSantis and his allies on the State Board of Education have banned the teaching of “Critical Race Theory.” This is fascinating given the ban which applies to public schools have never taught “Critical Race Theory,” something that is solely discussed at the University level. However, with all of the recent discussions about “Critical Race […]

What are our reader’s views: Is Governor DeSantis committed to ensuring that the American History we learn continues to be the stuff of fairy tale myths? Or does he have a point?

Editors note: It’s ironic that this past week we launched a four-part Podcast series on the first underground railroad which made its way to Florida from the late 1600’s to the early 1800’s. It appears our Governor doesn’t like such discussions. Statist Authoritarian Governor Ron DeSantis’ latest crusade is to force history teachers to project […]

TFS + : How the **** does Ron DeSantis get labeled a “conservative.”

In recent years, conservatism as a political movement has died out while those excelling in performance art have gained votes from self-described “conservatives.” With this in mind, the established narrative that Governor Ron DeSantis is some sort of pure “conservative” or governs “from the right.” is absolutely false. Read more at TFS + –

TFS +: DeSantis and Moskowitz v Rebekah Jones on Covid. What’s the truth in this highly-partisan battle??

Rebekah Jones, the former data scientist with the Department of Health has spectacularly for the last year served as an apparent whistle-blower on Covid-19 related issues. On Friday, her criticisms of Governor DeSantis reached no heights with a Miami Herald expose on the Department of Health.   Later the same morning,we learned  former State Rep […]

DeSantis’ gamble: On “Vaccine Passports” and non-domestic tourism

Governor DeSantis’ dug in position in preventing private industry from taking measures to protect their customers in the wake of a pandemic that continues to kill Floridians in great numbers (now over 36,000 dead and growing every day) threatens the long-term health of Florida’s economy. The Governor’s centralized statist approach – where State Government (led […]

Will DeSantis Statism define a new successful Florida GOP electoral strategy?

This past week Governor Ron DeSantis signed a piece of legislation effectively dictating to technology companies that they cannot regulate their own platforms for business when politicians are impacted. In other words, free enterprise and media is choked by the need for those who are in power to communicate. When I was growing up we […]