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Sorry Governor DeSantis, ESG = American Capitalism

Previously, Governor Ron DeSantis made a very strong issue out of companies hiring based “Diversity Equity and Inclusion. ” While I don’t necessarily agree with Governor DeSantis stand on that matter, I get it. In theory, it makes sense to aspire for the United States to be “race neutral,” though the way DeSantis couches the […]

DeSantis backing off big government rhetoric? Probably not…

It struck me last week when Governor Ron DeSantis blasted the debt limit deal made between House GOPers and President Biden. Yet DeSantis has grown state power and the size government in Florida while increasing spending and taking federal handouts. And as Congressman Dusty Johnson (R-South Dakota) mentioned earlier this week, DeSantis himself voted for […]

DeSantis and the Silicon Valley venture capital tech bros – a love affair that tells us a lot about the Governor’s strategy to win the GOP nomination

Governor DeSantis despite play acting as an official of great conviction doesn’t take a position on any issue unless money is involved. It’s for this reason, DeSantis is concerned about CRT, ESG, DEI, Crypto, etc. It’s because he’s being backed by some of the most influential and malign characters in Silicon Valley – Peter Thiel, […]

DeSantis Presidential announcement and the US Health Care system

To our loyal Florida Squeeze readers, I’ve not written any original content since last week, because as many of you know, my dad passed suddenly on Friday – he was suffering from cancer, but had not even been hospitalized since 2005 when he collapsed Friday afternoon and was rushed to the ER where he passed. […]

Guest Column: This session intensified Florida’s march toward Plutocracy and Fascism

By Thomas Kennedy A few months ago, I warned that after two decades of uninterrupted GOP rule, the Florida legislature would no longer function as an independent body, but instead serve as a rubber stamp for Ron DeSantis. Unfortunately, lawmakers did exactly that, carrying out what amounted to the most destructive and irresponsible lawmaking period […]

Disney feud could completely undermine Florida’s non-diverse economy – a historical overview

The War on Disney is performative theater for Governor DeSantis, somehone who has regularly proved he is not in tune with Florida’s culture or history. But this battle is going to have terrible tangible impact on our economy. Irrespective of how it is minimized by DeSantis backers, Disney’s presence in the Sunshine States is the […]

Mehdi Hasan: Bursting the DeSantis right-wing media bubble

Not often do national media personalities pick up on the themes we constantly talk about on this site and our twitter feed related to Governor DeSantis – his right-wing media ecosystem bubble and his unwillingness to engage traditional, mainstream media. Again this is MUCH worse than how Donald Trump handles the media or exists in […]

Explaining DeSantis fealty to the Insurance Industry

Escalating Property Insurance rates and cost-of-living are the two biggest challenge Floridians face currently (I’d argue the biggest challenge Florida as a state faces is around water resources and Climate Change). This past legislative session, we’ve seen every performative social issue imaginable addressed by a right-wing legislature, while the real issues were ignored. As we […]

Disney episode shows DeSantis has no idea about the traditional GOP or American conservatism

Traditional conservatives DO NOT use the power of government to be punitive against private corporations. And more recent GOPers, while abandoning economic conservatism have embraced the concept of free speech. The DeSantis-Disney war (let’s stop calling it a feud, it’s escalated well beyond that) is about two very basic things- Of course this sounds more […]

Why is DeSantis running afoul of donors? It’s multi-layered

Ron DeSantis is the most transactional politician in recent Florida history. Yet the dream of the donor class is running afoul of that very same donor class as he gets ready to launch his Presidential campaign. More reading: Friday night in an interview I stumbled upon, CNN’s Erin Burnett interviewed John Catsimatidis, a billionaire GOP […]