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Express Lane: Forget the polling – Voter turnout is so low in Florida compared to other states, so anything can happen – but why is turnout so low? Some theories…

Democrats are getting clobbered in the Early Voting and Vote-by-Mail thus far in Florida, furthering a depression that the polling and general losing mentality of Florida Democrats already caused. But let’s get something straight – unlike places like Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada where we see GOPers eager to vote, GOP turnout is low […]

St Pete Polls: Eric Lynn in a dead heat in GOP-leaning CD-13

As we’ve discussed on our Nowcast videos the last two weeks, Pinellas County thus far is over-performing for Democrats relative to the rest of the state. Particularly the northern part of the county, where the newly redrawn CD-13 in anchored. Democrat Eric Lynn faces long odds to hold the seat for his party, but has […]

You Tube Early Voting & VBM Nowcast update tonight @ 6 pm ET

Crist hits DeSantis for refusing to condemn growing antisemitism

We ran the Express Lane column too early today it appears. Governor Crist has released this statement about Governor DeSantis: “I am disgusted and horrified at the hateful, antisemitic rhetoric that was displayed in Jacksonville this weekend. Hate should have no home in Florida, period. “But while antisemitism is spreading in our state, Governor DeSantis […]

Kiplinger Preserve stream

The Kiplinger Preserve in Martin County features a stream that runs into the St Lucie River.

Express Lane: Dems looking to rally in Early Voting after a week of GOP success; antisemitism rocks Florida with DeSantis seemingly unwilling to condemn it; The good and bad of Chairman Diaz’s endorsements

We’ve never seen such a one-sided week in Florida politics in terms of real ballots cast. The GOP has effectively run the table throughout the state outside of Leon, Pinellas and Alachua Counties in early voting so far. The Democrats have tapped Karla Hernández, the party’s Lieutenant Governor nominee to try and turn things around […]

Democrats struggling statewide- Sign up for the 2022 Nowcast at Voting Trend

You can sign up for my 2022 Nowcast Model at Voting to get the latest real-time data from all 67 counties as Florida’s 2022 General Election hits its first weekend of Early Voting. We look at votes already cast, not polls or expert predictions like other sites. Here is a sample some of the […]

With voter turnout alarmingly low, President Obama cuts robocall for Florida Democrats

Currently Florida Democrats are getting their clocks cleaned in voter turnout. Our Dave Trotter’s Nowcast model indicates Democrats have lost FIVE POINTS statewide this week alone, based on votes already cast, not polls or projections. In this terrible atmosphere, President Obama is trying to fire up Florida Democrats with this robo call. Maybe this can […]

Express Lane: MES despicable racist TV Ad, DeSantis doesn’t return dirty Khawaja money, continued controversy in the Tallahassee Mayors Race, Dems being clobbered in Central Florida Early Voting

State Senator Annette Taddeo, the Democratic Nominee for Florida’s 27th Congressional District, is hosting press conference today alongside leaders in the Black community following false attacks from María Elvira Salazar and her GOP allies in a television campaign ad claiming a community meeting Senator Taddeo attended in her official capacity as a state senator at Second Baptist […]

Bay City Dredge – how the Tamiami Trail was build

This was filmed two weeks before Ian, and the site is currently closed. But this is one of the coolest pieces of Florida history you can find – the actual dredge which built portions of the Tamiami Trail in the 1920’s. The video gives more information.