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The white man’s burden.

While my articles are all opinion pieces I always do at least a couple of historical searches to make sure that my memory has the dates and general subject matter organized properly. Doing research on this title I came upon a poem by Rudyard Kipling by the same title. A little disappointed with myself. I […]

The GOP assault on academic freedom continues along with the Sovietization of Florida

This week Ron DeSantis signed legislation that could have been cooked up behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Once again DeSantis’ and his Republican Party of Florida have taken liberty to crush the ability of local government to function without restrictions and have continued the two-decade assault on Academia in the Florida. DeSantis’ […]

Broward County natural areas

Some videos of Broward County natural areas via our TFS YouTube page.

On Critical Race Theory: How should history be taught in Florida Schools?

On a Special Edition of The Florida History Podcast, Kartik Krishnaiyer dives into the topic of the day as created by Governor Ron DeSantis – the controversy over “Critical Race Theory.” Governor DeSantis and his allies on the State Board of Education have banned the teaching of “Critical Race Theory.” This is fascinating given the […]

From the archives: Henry Flagler’s St Augustine

During August 2019, The Florida History Podcast presented by The Florida Squeeze did a series on Henry Flagler’s contributions to Florida. In this specific episode we focus on Flagler’s 1880’s and 1890’s revival of St Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. St Augustine had two eras of massive growth and importance prior to Flagler. […]

Does “green governor” DeSantis already regret his (regrettable) Kendall Parkway vote? Or is it all a game?

While Democrats and ideological liberals do not like Governor Ron DeSantis, he’s basically proven to be a “majoritarian” in office, zig-zagging from conservatism on social issues to an anti-free market populist on fiscal issues. But one thing may trip him up which is his fealty to developers and anti-environmental forces while rhetorically being green, because […]

TFS Juneteenth listening – Selected Florida African-American history from our podcast

We’re currently in the middle of a four-part series on original Underground Railroad which went to Florida. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (will be released in the future) Angola Florida Runaway slaves and Negro Fort Rosewood Reconstruction

Answering questions about TFS +

In the last few weeks, we have received a number of private questions about the launch of TFS+ and TFS + Pro . Here is a quick primer. Will TFS have less content now? We are not putting anything we have provided our readers since our 2013 launch behind a paywall. Enhanced features including additional […]

The failure of Florida Democrats has fed DeSantis’ Machiavellian success

Florida Democrats have never met quite a match as they do now in Governor Ron DeSantis. While Florida’s Democrats are on a twenty plus year losing streak, they’ve often lucked out in terms of opposition and the use of power. DeSantis is a master of holding and using power in the manner taught to us […]

Hobe Mountain – the highest natural point in southern Florida

Hobe Mountain which is contained within Jonathan Dickinson Park in Martin County contains many unique natural features including the highest natural point in southern Florida at just under 100 feet. The climb to the top of Hobe Mountain: View from the top of Hobe Mountain: