Monthly Archives: August 2015

Patrick Murphy deserves praise for courageous decision on Iran

Monday afternoon was littered for me with discussion of the lawsuit my former employer the North American Soccer League (NASL) has contemplated filing against our governing body US Soccer which it accuses of being in collusion with Major League Soccer (MLS). So an important event slipped by me. Congressman Patrick Murphy, the front-runner for the […]

Econo-cracy: the zombie apocalypse with toll roads

This weekend was the tenth anniversary of hurricane Katrina, and I couldn’t have been more relieved that Tropical Storm Erika petered-out in the Caribbean. When NOAA models showed the storm coming up through Florida I thought dammit, we’re finally getting back on our feet from the foreclosure crisis. The last empty house on our street just sold a week […]

Media’s alarmist tone on tropical weather a disservice to Floridians

I was ridiculed on Twitter for much of the week for claiming tropical system Erika had a better than even chance of not making it to Florida. I based this on years of experience viewing weak Tropical Storms or Tropical Depressions in Caribbean and previously myself being alarmed by the threat to Florida such storms […]

Flashback Friday: Hurricane Erin

This month, twenty years ago the Treasure and Space Coasts were threatened by a storm out in the Atlantic.  Erin represented the first post-Andrew panic on Florida’s East Coast and then hit the Panhandle just months before the much more powerful and destructive Opal. I had come down to Jupiter for the Florida Young Democrats […]

Could be worse than Katrina? Where could that happen…

CNBC has a very good feature on why Miami is far more vulnerable than New Orleans to a monster storm. 

Years of arrogance and entitlement catching up with Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is sinking in national opinion polls and has even fallen behind Donald Trump here in his home state of Florida. Following Bush’s race-baiting on Monday his standing continues to slip. Years of arrogance, entitlement and being disconnected from the realities of grassroots activists in his party have taken a toll on Jeb! On […]

I am a Jeb Bush “Anchor Baby”

Jeb Bush’s bizarre comments about “Asian  anchor babies” that were delivered near the Mexican border on Monday were no doubt of a political nature. Bush was merely trying to react to Donald Trump’s populism which includes a strong nativist streak much like populist movements of yesteryear as well as protectionism, Governor Bush’s record and rhetoric […]