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Nominate a centrist (Diet Republican) or Democrats will lose! Wait haven’t we been sold that **** before?

The party establishment is at it once again. Playing the game of fear to promote the idea of centrist, corporate-type candidates as the Democratic statewide torch-bearers in November.  The only way to stop Trump-styled fascism in this state is to nominate centrists who are from outside southern Florida and who can appeal to “swing voters.” […]

Today’s Democratic Party – Multiculturalism run amok causing a counter-reaction?

We’ve discussed identity politics time and again on this site and the general danger it poses to the Democratic Party. The willingness of leaders in our party to park ideology at the door in order to promote candidates that fit a certain demographic profile. Many in the party have had a different standard for ideological purity when […]

Anti-Trump protests in the larger picture

We’ve had several days now of anti-Trump protests across the nation almost entirely in large cities (including Orlando) and college campuses. While frustration with the result of the 2016 Presidential Election is widespread among those of us who care about the general health and welfare of all Americans and the image of this nation abroad, the protests […]

What’s wrong with Volusia? Pasco? Brevard? Democrats must engage up and down I-75 and I-95

I’ll come out and say it- I hate third ways. But in this case the debate between those in the Democratic Party who see organizing as a contest between emphasis on northern Florida versus urban areas (which increasingly means just southeast Florida and the Orlando area, excluding Tampa Bay at the same level where Democrats […]

Early Florida takeaways from county level data (UPDATED)

Much more to digest after a historic election that this but a few indicators that the Democrats were going to struggle at the top of the ticket on Tuesday were apparent early. The numbers from Pinellas County were mildly shocking. In 2004, I had made an early determination that it would be George W. Bush’s […]

Election Day LIVE!

6:00pm ET Kartik (@kkfla737) All indications are positive for the Democrats…but I remind people that 2004 fooled many analysts. Granted that was before the days of Twitter and Nate Silver, etc but Democratic confidence was supremely high at 6:00pm ET…by 7:30 pm ET I was convinced John Kerry had lost the state. 5:00pm  ET Kartik (@kkfla737) Several […]

The Phlip Side: The Democratic Donald Trump

We have a narcissistic egomaniac running for office this year.  A man with ethical questions plaguing his professional career. A man who has displayed appalling behavior towards members of the opposite sex.  Someone who lacks the temperament to hold the office which he seeks.  If you think I am writing about Donald Trump, you would […]

Carlos Beruff echoing Marco Rubio’s rhetoric in race to succeed him

Desperate Floridians who run for office often resort to demagogic claims when things aren’t going their way. The nation has been aghast at his comments from yesterday even earning some condemnation from Republicans in Florida. “Unfortunately, for seven and a half years this animal we call president, because he’s an animal, okay—seven and a half […]

President Obama, Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton walk into a bar fight

It’s a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party — are you ready to rumble?! Scott Arceneaux needs to brush up on his platitudes, because clearly, to “disagree without being disagreeable” doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. In a statement circulated to political media, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Arceneaux said he was […]

Alan Grayson invokes Bernie Sanders in solicitation email

Ironic since Grayson has formally endorsed Secretary Hillary Clinton. Who says Grayson isn’t a typical politician following the wind?  Text below: This campaign is going to be one for the political science textbooks. Any political consultant in Washington will tell you that if you want to run for office and win, you have to sell […]