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East Florida in the American and French Revolutions – a little told history

We’ve spent a significant amount of time on this site in the past discussing the English/British invasions of Spanish Florida in the early-mid 1700’s. One thing we’ve neglected to discuss with the same time or care is the attempts by American colonists AFTER the British took control of Florida in 1763 and during the second […]

A south Florida non-profit and club with a special mission

Southeast Florida. is a unique area in so many ways. But one local non-profit is combining mentorship, volunteering and soccer to help minority youths. The C. Square Foundation is a South Florida – based 501(c)3 youth development organization program, utilizing soccer, volunteering activities and mentorship programs, as a means of promoting social development among mainly […]

Florida’s Expressways: What should be the future of it and mass transit?

This legislative session has seen more discussion of toll roads and expressway authorities than any in recent memory. The battle between Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and local legislators about the future of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) has been front-and-center throughout much of the media in southeast Florida the last several weeks. Toll rates, future […]

Theresa May’s demise and lessons for Florida/American politics

British Prime Minister Theresa May has become a figure of derision on the left and right in British politics and among people of all stripes around the globe. While American cable news has been obsessed with Trump’s misdeeds (alleged and real) and have virtually ignored various corporate scandals among American companies (for whom they have […]

Why don’t Floridians know much about the state’s history?

Of course while writing that headline I had Sam Cooke’s music going through my head. But it’s a serious question… For whatever reason, the rich history of Florida, the first part of the continental United States to be colonized by Europeans, as well as a place with a rich pre-Columbian history is often ignored by […]

Boca Raton Soccer Summit helps move lower division conversation forward

The first ever Boca Raton Soccer Summit, a collaboration between Boca Raton FC and The Palm Beach Sports Commission was held this past weekend. The event was also sponsored by media outlets SocTakes, Protagonist Soccer, Midfield Press and Non League America. Streamed live, the summit had 35 registrants, all associated with amatuer or semi-professional clubs […]

Hidden Florida: Tallahassee’s Governors Park

Tallahassee’s Governors Park which sprung up around the historic Myers House was created in 1997 as the long-proposed extension of Blair Stone Road moved forward. Tallahassee has close to 90 parks- in my opinion it has the best urban parks in the state. But Governors Park is unique in that it was created in an […]