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DeSantis soars into 2022 while Democrats self-inflicted wounds of yesteryear hobble a recovery. Can it be fixed?

I will preface this column by conceding that many readers of this site will find this unpleasant reading. But it is also very true that if Florida were to find a Beto O’ Rourke quality rock star statewide candidate, things may be not quite as bad as they are today. Governor DeSantis enters 2022 as […]

The 1702 Siege of St Augustine lifts on December 30

December 30 is the date in 1702 when the English Siege of St Augustine during Queen Anne’s War was lifted. A major event in Florida history. Below is an excerpt summary about this event from my forthcoming book “Albion Florida.” With the war (Queen Anne’s War) now well underway and victory at The Battle of […]

Video: Shark Valley entrance alligator

JFK and Florida

We’re privileged to be joined on this week’s Florida History Podcast by MSNBC contributor Fernand Amandi who has an uncanny historical knowledge of the Kennedy family. We discuss JFK’s extensive relationship with Florida, including spending much of his life in Palm Beach , his connections with numerous Florida elected officials and his impact on our […]

Florida’s latest Covid’s surge is here – don’t fall for the misinformation

Florida has recorded back-to-back days with over 30,000 new COVID cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), records per the CDC, Both were new daily record for COVID cases in the state (Florida’s own reporting indicates a day during the Delta surge this past summer with higher numbers, but Florida’s sporadic and haphazard […]

United discontinuing Destin/Fort Walton Beach service next Spring

In a somewhat surprising move, United Airlines is discontinuing service to Destin/Fort Walton Beach (VPS) in March. This comes at a time when the airport has seen an increase in service from Southwest and American among other carriers in the last year. United has cut service to over a dozen airports nationally since March 2021, […]

FOX’s Jesse Watters has been rewarded by the network after calling for Dr. Fauci to face metaphorical “the kill shot.”

Merry Christmas everyone! If you’ve spent anytime watching FOX News in prime time this week (yes I do watch FOX News – it’s important for me to be informed about what is being said there), you probably have seen Jesse Watters. With Christmas week upon us Watters was filling in at various times for both […]

Is Governor DeSantis Pro-Vax? Anti-Vax? Vax-Hesitant?

Thirty five months into his term as Governor the reality is abundantly clear – Ron DeSantis is the most skilled politician 21st Century Florida has seen. In fact, I don’t think their is a close second. We’ve previously on these pages, written at length about the Governor’s ruthlessness in acquiring and holding governing power, which […]

Holiday book recommendation: Bubble in the Sun

Christopher Knowlton’s recent work, “Bubble in the Sun,” <a href="http://<a target="_blank" href="">Bubble in the Sun: The Florida Boom of the 1920s and How It Brought on the Great Depressionis the most complete and definitive look at the Florida land boom and bust of the 1920’s that is available publicly. The book covers the mass get-rich-quick […]

Holiday Gift recommendations: All about FDR and The New Deal

 Happy Days Are Here Again: The 1932 Democratic Convention, the Emergence of FDR–and How America Was Changed Forever,  The Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope,  and American Experience: FDR Being a Democrat today inevitably leads back to the New Deal and how the party structure in the United States essentially changed at that point […]