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VIDEOS: Fern Forest Nature Center

Fern Forest Nature Center is one of the most unique urban park landscapes in Florida. The park is a uniquely preserved ecosystem and oasis in the middle of heavily urbanized Broward County. Enjoy the videos below.

The 1952 Governor’s Election

The historic 1952 Governor’s Race won by Dan McCarty of Fort Pierce, was the first modern campaign in Florida’s History. Like all Florida elections in this period, the real race was in the Democratic Primary. We discuss this election on this week’s Florida History Podcast. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts […]

How Pensacola led to the siege of Yorktown and American victory in the Revolution

Florida was never, until recently has been treated as an equal by American historians. But in recent years more scholarship has demonstrated how Florida was a shining light in the 1600’s, how St Augustine was a more cosmopolitan and “free” city for non-whites in the colonial period and how Florida played a role in the […]

Governor DeSantis aka “Ronnie the Commie” – Florida’s so-called conservative Governor is doubling-down on statism and crushing free enterprise

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is seen as an doctrinaire conservative by the political press, who much like activists seem driven far more by social issues than economic ones. DeSantis’ desire to push the buttons of COVID-denial and appeal to anti-Vaxxers has him pushing yet another Soviet-styled attempt to crush free enterprise in Florida. Today, DeSantis […]

Why we love Florida History

On this week’s Florida History Podcast, episode 100 we discuss why we love Florida History and why we’ve never had a Floridian elected President or Vice President. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket Casts. Overcast, Castro, Spotify, Radio Public and Breaker have App Store apps for free […]

Tall Cypress Natural Area – 4K Video

Tall Cypress Natural Area in Coral Springs is one of the most unique and bio-diverse natural areas in urban southeastern Florida. The area was preserved in the early 1990’s due in large measure to the efforts of students at nearby Coral Springs High School.

Video: Cypress Creek Trail at Fern Forest Park

The Cypress Creek Trail at the Fern Forest Nature Center is an interesting cross-section of vegetation. The land is preserved and provides a glimpse into what this part of southern Florida looked like before human development. It is part of the broader Fern Forest Nature Center which is one of the great urban parks in […]

Real election reform in Florida requires changes to our primaries – Seven reform ideas

Florida Democrats are correct – the sweeping “reform” suggestions of the GOP to stamp out the imaginary “voter fraud” that allegedly (according to Newsmax and OANN) swept the 2020 elections are completely unnecessary and unwarranted. Though it must be stated the GOP may actually be overreaching and ultimately hurting themselves with these “reforms” should they […]

The American Revolution in West Florida

For years it was ignored by history books, but recently scholars of the revolution have begun to emphasize the importance of fighting along the Gulf Coast of North America in discussions about the later years of the Revolutionary War. This week on the Florida History Podcast we discuss the Gulf Coast Campaign by Spain and […]

Spring Break 2021 – what is more important to our political leaders, Florida’s own citizens or outside norm breakers?

I must admit I saw it coming. In recent weeks, I’ve seen on YouTube channels I subscribe to that do City walks and drives a proliferation of videos from Florida – including on some channels, largely focused on large European and American cities that had never aired a video from Florida before. Suddenly around the […]