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#Stayathome reading suggestions – Florida and the American Revolution

As we hunker down during the Coronavirus Pandemic, much of my focus has been research for my forthcoming book on English/British influence on Florida. The American Revolution took place during a period of time when Florida was ruled by the British. Yet Florida did not join the revolution and in fact was important in the […]

1918 Influenza epidemic

On this special edition of The Florida History Podcast we look back at our state’s experience with a previous worldwide pandemic. The pandemic killed at least 4,000 people in the state and nationally was responsible for more deaths than all the wars of the 20th Century combined. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast […]

#Stayathome book suggestion – A Most Disorderly Court

A Most Disorderly Court: Scandal and Reform in the Florida Judiciary (Florida History and Culture) by Martin Dyckman is yet another important time piece by the former St Petersburg Times Associate Editor. Dyckman’s knowledge of the 1970’s Florida political landscape is second to none among reporters and having covered the events closely, he was able to first pen Reubin […]

#Stayathome reading suggestion: Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson and the Rise of Washington’s Scandal Culture.

Richard Nixon was the closest thing we have gotten to having Floridian in the White House (During Nixon’s 1972 reelection he was possibly registered to vote in Florida and was nominated both in 1968 and 1972 for President at the Republican National Convention held in Miami). Donald Trump has tried repeating the same trick for […]

Governor DeSantis is rapidly losing the plot thanks to a rigid ideology of individualism

In his first year as Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis achieved more from a governing perspective than his immediate predecessor Rick Scott did in eight years. DeSantis also seemed on the trajectory to be Florida’s most effective Governor since Bob Graham. Then came COVID-19. I wrote three days ago that I had faith in the Governor […]

#Stayathome reading suggestion: Jimmy Carter’s Turning Point.

President Jimmy Carter’s 1992 book, Turning Point: A Candidate, a State, and a Nation Come of Age is the story of Carter’s first run for public office. In 1962, Carter sought a seat in the State Senate and was the victim of blatant vote stuffing. At the time Georgia was still resisting desegregation laws, and elections were […]

#Stayathome suggestions: LBJ and MLK reading and viewing

With most of locked inside for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19 reading about the Civil Rights movement served as a reminder of the critical role Florida played in the passage of legislation- specifically St Augustine which the epicenter of MLK Jr. and SLC activity during the Senate filibuster of the legislation. The amount of […]