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Eastern Airlines in Florida – January 1987

Eastern Airlines as we’ve discussed often was a major part of the growth of Florida, shuttling tourists from cold weather locations in the winter and serving as the primary driver of business travel to the state all year. From the 1930’s until 1987, Eastern was the largest airline in Florida, but by the end of […]

Avelo adds Sarasota/Bradenton while Florida sees extensive December cuts

Avelo will add new service to Sarasota/Bradenton. Thrice-weekly flights to New Haven begin January 13. Spirit will add Orlando to Ponce service in February. A source tells me that Norse Atlantic is likely to fly from Fort Lauderdale to London next summer. We had previously reported they would fly from Fort Lauderdale to Oslo. I […]

DeSantis Special Session move intensifies his war on the private sector and local governments

On Thursday, Governor DeSantis intensified his war on private industry and local government while deepening his alliance with anti-vaccine and anti-mask forces. Among the proposals DeSantis wants to see per The Miami Herald. A proposal making businesses liable for any medical harm that results from a mandatory vaccination A measure allowing parents to collect attorney’s […]

Florida Democrats join calls RE: DeSantis special election abdication

As we discussed on Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis has chosen to play politics with multiple vacancies in the legislature as session approaches, denying largely minority constituencies in south Florida representation as long as possible. It’s been almost three months since those vacancies were created by Florida’s Resign to Run law, and typically it takes about […]

No Florida History Podcast this week

We have several podcast episodes in the mixer so to speak but none ready for release this week. We’ll be back with a new episode next Tuesday. Thanks again for listening.

DeSantis handling of special elections and vacancies smacks of regionalism, partisanship and cloaked racism

On Friday, a lawsuit was filed in Broward County regarding the scheduling of Special Elections. I had been meaning to write about this issue for a while but all the other DeSantis news has delayed it – this lawsuit gives us cause to discuss it. Governor DeSantis came into office with a vendetta against Broward […]

DeSantis adopts the “Big Lie”as a talking point

“The Big Lie” the claim that somehow the 2020 Election was not free and fair has since January 6 permeated the right-wing media in ways unimaginable – many of us thought the deadly insurrection at the Capitol would end this discussion. But in fact, as the months of 2021 went on, adherence to the “Big […]

Poll: Is Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis more dangerous?

I’ve made my case over the last few months that I believe despite everything horrible that was associated with Donald Trump’s candidacy and Presidency, the more focused, disciplined, inflexible and outright autocratic Ron DeSantis represents a more mortal threat to the Republic should he become President. Interestingly since I floated that notion I have had […]

Flights resuming as Florida’s COVID situation improves

Eurowings Discover will begin thrice-weekly Frankurt-Fort Myers nonstops in May. Daytona Beach will get holiday time nonstops on American to Dallas/Fort Worth and Philadelphia. Both flights run from December 16 through January 3. JetBlue will not restart Fort Lauderdale-Seattle nonstops until February. Elite Airways will launch St Augustine to Newark service twice a week, beginning […]

Florida Department of Education letter to US Department of Education

Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran has sent an angry letter to the US Department of Education regarding the feds sending money to Florida school districts that have mask mandates being impacted by the DOE’s cutting of funds.