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#MLKDay – St Augustine, MLK Jr. and Florida’s critical role in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

In commemoration of Martin Luther King Day 2021, it is timely to recall the critical role Florida played in the passage of Civil Rights legislation- specifically St Augustine which the epicenter of MLK Jr. and Southern Christian Leadership Council (SLC) activity during the Senate filibuster of the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964. Listen: The […]

An Insurrection long cooked in the Sunshine State – the Florida inspirations for the “Parler Putsch”

This has been a sad week in American history – though I begin this commentary with an ode to my colleague Brook Hines who coined the cleverly brilliant term “Parler Putsch” to describe this week’s effort at a insurgency by right-wing groups to overturn the results of November’s US Presidential Election. Parler is a right-wing […]

The Politics around the Everglades since 1970

It’s our privilege this week on The Florida History Podcast, to be once again joined by Michael Grunwald, author of The Swamp and current writer for Politico Magazine. In this episode, we discuss the political fights over Everglades restoration since 1970. In the episode we discuss a wide ranging set of topics related to the “River of Grass,” the political, […]

Podcast: Michael Grunwald on the Big Cypress Jetport and environmental awakenings in Florida politics

It’s our privilege this week on The Florida History Podcast, to be joined by Michael Grunwald, author of The Swamp and current writer for Politico Magazine. In this episode we discuss the political fight over the building of the Jetport and how it awakened environmentalism in Florida. This is the first of two holiday season […]

Broward Parks a welcome tonic for COVID-driven 2020

It’s probably no secret to most of you reading this, that I like to get in the car and travel our state – especially during the holiday season. In all those years of traveling, I realize I have neglected the area I actually live in – Broward County. For years, I have been obsessed with […]

I-10 and other road fights in Tallahassee and North Florida

On this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss how the route I-10 takes through the Tallahassee area today was not the original route that was sought. It wasn’t even the second or third choice. We discuss that and also other fights about roads through wooded and rural areas of North Florida on this week’s Florida […]

Florida’s Progressive tradition – ethics, transparency, good government: A short history of the state’s modern “progressive era.”

The raid conducted by law enforcement officials last week on Rebekah Jones home reinforced what Florida under long-term GOP rule has become – a state where the governing class conducts itself in a manner where arming citizens with information is discouraged and any competition of ideas or questioning of policies is strictly discouraged. What has […]

Spanish Missions in Colonial Florida

They are not as famous as Spanish Missions in Texas or California, but Florida’s network of missions predated those in other parts of North America and were quite impressive. Colonial Florida in the 1600’s hit a high point in terms of economic development – a high the areas that currently make up the State of […]

Winning the Florida Attorney General’s office should be the Democratic priority in 2022

Disclaimer: In 2014, Kartik Krishnaiyer served as the statewide Deputy Campaign Manager for the Democratic nominee for Attorney General, the late George Sheldon. Sheldon’s GOP opponent was Attorney General Pam Bondi. The reaction to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s decision to join Texas’s lawsuit related to the 2020 Presidential Election reinforces what an important post […]

Governor Fuller Warren, Florida’s Huey Long

Fuller Warren is among the most controversial and colorful figures in the political history of the Sunshine State. On this week’s Florida History Podcast, we discuss Warren’s political rise, his Governorship and his ties to both the Ku Klux Klan organized crime interests. As Governor, Warren turned on the Klan but his ties to organized […]