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#CPAC2021 – DeSantis opening remarks set the stage for a perfectly Soviet weekend in Orlando

CPAC 2021 opened its first full day Friday morning, with a video about alleged election fraud before turning the stage over to opening remarks from Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis. The video was laced with racial and gender-based innuendo as clips of Democrats who were non-white or female dominated the video. The other subtle theme […]

CPAC 2021: “conservatives” led by Trump and DeSantis gather in Orlando to cancel Conservatism

CPAC, that annual cattle call of opinion leaders on the right hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU) will for the first time in its history leave the Washington DC area in 2021. The ACU which non long ago was led by Floridian Al Cardenes is now led by the mega-MAGA insider Matt Schlapp. Yes […]

Edison and Ford in Florida

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford both famously wintered in Fort Myers. In the case of Edison, some of his great works were developed outside Menlo Park, NJ and in Florida. This week on The Florida History Podcast we talk about both famous titans time in Florida and discuss the Gilded Age, Titans of Industry and […]

The American-JetBlue partnership and Florida: More competition and choices for consumers or collusion that stifles competition? It’s not really clear…

Last year, two financially struggling US airlines that vigorously compete with each other in the Northeast, Florida and on transcontinental flights announced a partnership that covers the New York and Boston markets. This week, the first pieces of the American-JetBlue partnership fell in place. American operates one the largest US airline hubs in Miami (in […]

South Florida’s incomplete mass transit (among other things) inhibits the region’s delusions of grandeur in attracting Californians and New Yorkers

In recent weeks, south Florida’s elected officials led by Miami Mayor Frances Suarez (a man skillfully adroit enough but also so lacking in actual political conviction to be found in Trumpian, Never Trump GOP and Neoliberal Dem circles) have been pushing the region as a destination for those “stuck” in New York or the San […]

Muhammad Ali in Miami

Muhammad Ali, one of the most famous American sportsmen of all time spent his formative years both as a boxer and a activist in Miami. Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) lived in Miami from 1960 to 1967. On this week’s Florida History Podcast, we discuss Ali’s Miami and the new critically acclaimed film One Night in […]

Florida and Watergate

The Watergate Scandal which ultimately brought down President Richard Nixon had many of its most important elements based in and around the Sunshine State. Like many things associated with the Nixon White House, Florida was center stage for much of the scandal. This week on The Florida History Podcast we discuss the many links between […]

2020 Florida Presidential Results by Metro Area – Trump won the vast majority of Florida metro areas

Since November, we’ve seen a lot of breakdowns in Presidential results by county and by Congressional district. These are useful tools but also useful is to see a breakdown by Census Bureau designated Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). So we have broken that down here. MSA’s give us a greater picture as to how a region […]

1968 Miami protests and riots during the Republican National Convention

Less famous than the demonstrations and riots during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami saw massive protests that turned into riots simultaneous with the convention. Richard Nixon was nominated by the Convention for President, but Florida Governor Claude Kirk who was hoping to be on the GOP […]

The Trump Years: Cromwellian America

Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration is finally upon us. It can be seen in many ways as a restoration of sorts, after the turmoil of the last four years which have badly exposed the crumbling facade of this now largely failing nation-state. The United States has in Donald Trump’s tenure proven incapable of handling a pandemic […]