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We have our first Floridian on the US Supreme Court!

Justice Ketani Brown Jackson grew up in Miami and most of you surely know. She was sworn in at Noon today as an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, the first African-American ever to be on the highest court in the land.

Building Brightline’s bridges

Thanks to the excellent YouTube channel, the Roaming Railfan, we have some Brightline updates regarding bridge building on the West Palm Beach to Orlando section of tracks .

TFS Endorsement – Jeremy Matlow, Tallahassee Commission Seat 3

First elected in 2018, Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow is completing his first term in Seat 3. Simply put: the election for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 3 is a matchup between a very good candidate who has served the public well, in Commissioner Jeremy Matlow, and the very worst kind of candidate in Dr. David […]

An anti-freedom reactionary: Ron DeSantis sorry history on reproductive choice

We’ve long established on this site that Ron DeSantis loves big government statism, particularly when power is consolidated in his own hands. Governor DeSantis loves to use “freedom” as some sort of cheap tag line to project when he bans books or prohibits businesses from regulating their workplaces for health and safety as they see […]

Are Boomers really more conservative than Gen Xers?

So, are Boomers really more conservative than Gen Xers? Here is a look at the recent post-Dobbs ruling polls. The result might surprise you a little.

TFS 2022 Endorsements – we start in Tallahassee

At the Florida Squeeze, we pride ourselves on not only reporting but advocating progressive politics in the sunshine state. Given the unprecedented nature of Florida and national politics currently, we are more aggressively making endorsements this cycle. We will endorse progressive candidates that we feel perfectly embodied their respective communities and who seek public service […]

How Florida ruined its city planning

An interesting video from Beaver Geography which breaks down the planning and building of some of the most Florida places of all in the state.

Democrats MUST pivot to populism regarding reproductive rights and guns – or expect a butt whooping in 2022 and beyond (and the growing irrelevance that comes with it)

Democrats love to be soft technocrats. It’s an age old problem in terms of being too soft and nice in political campaigns and too agreeable in the legislative arena. But this has in fact gotten worse since the party became more driven by elitism and the wealthy donor class. A few key points. A. Democracy […]

Florida-based USL comes through with strong statement on reproductive freedom. Where is MLS?

Within an hour of Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on reproductive freedom, Tampa-based USL which governs the second divisions in the US both on the men’s and women’s side as well as one of the third and fourth level men’s divisions came through with a strong statement that left no ambiguity. Meanwhile, Major League Soccer (MLS) […]

Ron DeSantis must be forced to answer for Matt Gaetz’s behavior

Governor Ron DeSantis is at this point in time the most likely person to be President of the United States in January 2025. In fact, he feels as inevitable today as Richard Nixon was on June 7, 1968 or Andrew Jackson was on April 1, 1825. And DeSantis is in this position due to one […]