TFS 2022 Endorsements – we start in Tallahassee

At the Florida Squeeze, we pride ourselves on not only reporting but advocating progressive politics in the sunshine state.

Given the unprecedented nature of Florida and national politics currently, we are more aggressively making endorsements this cycle.

We will endorse progressive candidates that we feel perfectly embodied their respective communities and who seek public service as a means to promote social justice and equality.

As the state’s capital city, Tallahassee is legendary for its involvement in politics and the civic awareness in the community. However over the past few years to tone and nature of city’s political landscape has radically changed. The city has previously had serious bouts with corruption best exemplified by former Mayor and Commissioner Scott Maddox as well as other officials.

Despite his reputation as a progressive, which was largely unearned, TFS choose to oppose former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum’s 2018 candidacy for Governor in the Democratic Primary. It was because of how Tallahassee operated and the levels of questionable ethics and poor growth management in the city, among other things that led to this.

After Progressive victories locally in 2018 and 2020, the various boards and commissions have turned into dramatic confrontations between the Democratic Party’s establishment and the younger progressive wing of the party.

With increased revelations of political scandal, the forming of active left leaning groups ready to enter the public debate, and an impressive slate of young Progressive candidates, 2022 just maybe a watershed year for the Capital City.

It is with that in mind that we have decided to select four Tallahassee-based candidates as Florida Squeeze’s first endorsements of the 2022 cycle. We’ll start them rolling out tomorrow.

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