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Accounts from Ukraine – The Nursing Home

THE NURSING HOME “I know what to do: start stockpiling food”, said Ivan Oleksandrovich, a Second World War survivor who lived in the nursing home near Vasylkiv, when the Russia-Ukrainian war started. Maryna, owner of the Vasylkiv Nursing Home, was awakened at 4:30 AM by the sound of five gunshots. She rushed to check on […]

Accounts from Ukraine – a family faces the Russian invasion

Editors note – in the coming days we’ll be running several of these. They are NOT proprietary and while people on the ground are in touch with us, the goal is to get as much information in the form of human accounts out as possible. Feel free to share, reports, republish, etc. In a couple […]

The full impact of DeSantis divisiveness now apparent as he stays silent on Ukraine

Ron DeSantis has not only divided Floridians, neighbor v neighbor, friend v friend, employee v employer and parent v teacher and school administrator but he has also effectively worked to undermine the unity of western democracies. DeSantis COVID-oriented talking points about US allies like Australia and Canada created discord and confusion where many Floridians saw […]

Biden is closing the internet divide for ordinary Floridians despite DeSantis opposition

In 2022, it’s impossible to live without the internet – but many Floridians do. Americans rely on internet access to carry out an incredible number of everyday tasks – whether it’s doing their job, completing a homework assignment, getting news, shopping, finding a doctor, or just keeping in touch with family and loved ones. The […]

TFS + – Could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine benefit Ron DeSantis politically (within the GOP)?

Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and a host of Florida politicians (in both parties, by the way, though more are Republicans) connected with Stone will now be put under the microscope. Anyone who has been involved with General Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon will also face scrutiny. Read more at TFS+

Frontier adding Miami-Kingston, Air France dropping Miami-Port-au-Prince and other commercial aviation news

Frontier Airlines will add Miami-Kingston nonstop service this summer. Spirit Airlines whom Frontier is merging with already flies from Fort Lauderdale to Kingston. Air France which has flown nonstop from Miami to Port-au-Prince since before Miami-Paris nonstops began on the airline in 1982 has suspended the service until at least March, 2023. American Airlines is […]

The Lincoln Project: The GOP’s Mother Russia

Significant for Florida because, I assume Florida’s Rick Wilson is behind this very slick and smart ad.

#FloridaProud – Ketanji Brown Jackson nominated for the US Supreme Court

A historic appointment by President Biden, not simply because she’s an African-American woman but because she is a Floridian. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination puts someone who grew up in Florida in the spotlight. As we’ve discussed previously, the only Floridian nominated to the Supreme Court, Tallahassee’s Harrold Carswell, was rejected by the Senate in […]

As Russia invades Ukraine, DeSantis remains silent, instead attacking US allies, Australia and Canada at CPAC

Governor DeSantis believes Australia, led by a Conservative PM in Scott Morrison is an autocracy, but fails to discuss real autocracies. Australia by the way has a larger population than Florida but had suffered about 7% of the deaths (or 1/14th) from COVID that Florida has. Case counts are significantly lower as well in Australia. […]

French thank you memorial to Florida troops in WW2

With Russia invading Ukraine this week, never a better time to visit the memorial the French Republic sent to Florida thanking us for the Liberation of France in 1944. This memorial is at Lake Ella in Tallahassee