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Roger Stone’s potential DeSantis’ opposition likely about a lot more than Trump (if it even involves Trump at all).

Roger Stone is threatening to run for Governor as a Libertarian to siphon votes away from Ron DeSantis. Yes- that Roger Stone, who by the way lives in Fort Lauderdale. The assumption has been that Stone is trying to protect Donald Trump from a potential DeSantis candidacy in 2024. Well that could be it, or […]

What we are reading: Hardball political operative Roger Stone finds himself on the receiving end

Roger Stone has been a national political player since the 1970’s. Since the late 1990’s he’s also been a major southeast Florida political player and currently works out of Fort Lauderdale. Famously, Stone was dubbed “Nixon’s man in Washington,” when the ex-President was in exile before being fully accepted back into political circles around the […]