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Lincoln Project goes two-footed into challenge on Rick Scott

Had to use a soccer analogy to describe this Lincoln Project ad about the Scott Tax Hike: Meanwhile we assume everyone has seen this as well… Like the Lincoln Project, I find very few moments when I agree with Roger Stone…but when he’s right, he’s right…

TFS + – Could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine benefit Ron DeSantis politically (within the GOP)?

Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and a host of Florida politicians (in both parties, by the way, though more are Republicans) connected with Stone will now be put under the microscope. Anyone who has been involved with General Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon will also face scrutiny. Read more at TFS+

Roger Stone’s potential DeSantis’ opposition likely about a lot more than Trump (if it even involves Trump at all).

Roger Stone is threatening to run for Governor as a Libertarian to siphon votes away from Ron DeSantis. Yes- that Roger Stone, who by the way lives in Fort Lauderdale. The assumption has been that Stone is trying to protect Donald Trump from a potential DeSantis candidacy in 2024. Well that could be it, or […]

What we are reading: Hardball political operative Roger Stone finds himself on the receiving end

Roger Stone has been a national political player since the 1970’s. Since the late 1990’s he’s also been a major southeast Florida political player and currently works out of Fort Lauderdale. Famously, Stone was dubbed “Nixon’s man in Washington,” when the ex-President was in exile before being fully accepted back into political circles around the […]