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The end is nigh for Rick Scott

For all the talk of Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, a strong argument can be made that nobody had a bigger impact on the midterms nationally, than Florida Senator Rick Scott. In the spring, Senator Scott, the head of the Republican’s Senate campaign arm (NRSC) released his laughable, “Rescue America Plan,” and by […]

The New Republic: Hurricane Ian exposes Ron DeSantis faux environmentalism

I penned this piece for The New Republic, on Thursday after Ian ravaged much of the state.

In laughable ad, Rick Scott doubles-down on tax increases – he’s more isolated than ever

Rick Scott released this ad earlier this week… Despite this plan being rejected by prominent GOPers (I’m almost certain Governor Ron DeSantis whose ideology is different than Scott’s anyway, wants absolutely NOTHING to do with this nonsense) and laughed at by much of the media, Scott is digging in. The plan is unpopular with most Floridians […]

Lincoln Project goes two-footed into challenge on Rick Scott

Had to use a soccer analogy to describe this Lincoln Project ad about the Scott Tax Hike: Meanwhile we assume everyone has seen this as well… Like the Lincoln Project, I find very few moments when I agree with Roger Stone…but when he’s right, he’s right…

Growing in irrelevance within the GOP, Rick Scott gets flamed by Florida newspapers

Senator Rick Scott’s irrelevance is almost complete. Shunned by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and increasingly anonymous in a Florida GOP led by Ron DeSantis, Scott is on the margins. DeSantis ability to acquire and use power in a fashion Scott was incapable of even conceiving let alone executing while he was Governor coupled with […]

Rick Scott’s plan to raise taxes and revert American society to the 1950’s gets national condemnation

One person who should be pleased Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine is US Senator Rick Scott, whose “Back to the Future” plan unveiled last week was a complete flop, giving a gift to Democrats whose messaging has thus far this cycle been completely muddled. As noted,  Rick Scott released an 11-point roadmap for the GOP to “Save […]

Rick Scott’s Friday Night Massacre undercut Ron DeSantis’ early good work and could tilt the 2020 Presidential Election

Governor Rick Scott has pulled a coup – a Friday Night Massacre that potentially will hand Florida’s 2020 Electoral College votes to the Republican nominee for President – be that President Trump or someone else.  Outgoing Governor Rick Scott waited until late on a Friday to complete a naked power grab. After years of ignoring […]

GOP Florida recount rules since 2000: play dirty and without mercy in building an autocracy

The Republicans have mastered the art of stifling democracy by counting votes quickly in Republican counties, tolerating inefficiency in Democratic ones and then declaring victory. As I witnessed with my own eyes as somewhat critical component in the Democrats Palm Beach County recount infrastructure, the Republicans play hard and fast with rules and the law […]

Opinion: President Trump sits in envy of despotic huckster Rick Scott

This column reflects the opinions of Kartik Krishnaiyer and not of this website or other writers I’m not a fan of Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes. I’ve long been a critic as these articles show. I felt years ago she should be removed from office, either in a Democratic Primary or by an executive […]

A vote for Rick Scott is a vote AGAINST Florida’s interests – Why Bill Nelson MUST be reelected

Florida has undergone a metamorphosis politically since the mid 1990’s. Republicans, most of whom have little reverence, knowledge or curiosity about the state’s history have taken charge dominating all levels of state government and influencing national elections as well. During this period of time the GOP has developed a lock step mentality which has put […]