In laughable ad, Rick Scott doubles-down on tax increases – he’s more isolated than ever

Rick Scott released this ad earlier this week…

Despite this plan being rejected by prominent GOPers (I’m almost certain Governor Ron DeSantis whose ideology is different than Scott’s anyway, wants absolutely NOTHING to do with this nonsense) and laughed at by much of the media, Scott is digging in. The plan is unpopular with most Floridians as well (hence why DeSantis won’t touch it). Yet, Scott is bizarrely pushing forward with his “Rescue Plan 2.0,” saying he’d “like to apologize to absolutely nobody.”

Scott’s doctrinaire conservatism doesn’t have a home anymore in the DeSantis-era (faux) populist GOP, and most working class Americans have seen what Supply Side economics which squeezes the Middle Class and pushes the tax burden onto working families does.

Senator Scott is becoming a figure so isolated from the rest of political community (including with GOPers here in Florida) that so few are talking about his outrageous plan. But we need to and will do so more in the future right here at TFS.

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