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The Plague of Write-In Candidates on Florida’s Closed Primary System

While we at  the Squeeze released our endorsement list this morning, I wanted to highlight something that we don’t talk about much about write-in candidates.  There are 16 write-in candidates on the ballot in November and in a few cases, they are the only alternative to the incumbent.   Write-in candidates do not appear on the […]

TFS State House Primary Endorsements

As we have lamented a few times, there are very few actual competitive races in the legislature and the same is true for the primary season.   Competitive primaries  can help season candidates, can get the electorate fired up, and generally can cause a more substantive debate on issues that impact the state of Florida.  This […]

Thursday Bookshelf – American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush

With Jeb Bush sniffing around a bid for the Presidency in 2016 now is the perfect time to discuss a timeless classic. Kevin Phillips, who was dubbed in 1995 by one of my Political Science Professors at the University of Florida as “the smartest Republican around,”  is widely viewed as the chief architect of the […]

A Dangerous World Needs American Adult Leadership – President Obama Can Provide This

President Obama is quite possibly the best US President on domestic affairs since Franklin Roosevelt. Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson would be the other contenders for that honor (though it must be stated that some of Obama’s domestic successes have been due to a degree of Executive overreach something we can discuss another time). But […]

Wednesday Open Thread

You know the drill.


More than sixty percent of those who own shares of stock believe the market is rigged and favor stricter regulations on financial institutions.  Nearly ninety percent believe the federal government has failed to limit the power of Wall Street. With no lack of irony the House Financial Services Committee met this week to further deregulate […]

Ten Dollar Tuesday – Protect the Incumbents, Ladies/Central Florida Edition

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of protecting incumbents and we named Reps. Mark Danish, Mike Clelland, and Carl Zimmerman. Today we highlight two more, this time ladies: Linda Stewart and Karen Castor-Dentel. They are very much in the same situation – purple seats with serious Republican contenders and a tough fight ahead. […]

Adrian Wyllie and the Rise of Non-Party Voters

Last week’s Q-poll had one big surprise: Adrian Wyllie, the libertarian candidate for Governor, got 9% of the vote in the most recent poll. This puts Crist and Scott at a virtual tie, with Crist taking more of a blow due in the non-party candidate side. There were several colorful articles about it: I particularly enjoy […]

Monday Musings: Democrats & Economic Issues, 100 Years Since World War I, Ted Yoho, Curt Clawson, All Aboard Florida and High Speed Rail

The economy is broken. Working middle class Americans are suffering greatly thanks to rising prices, stagnant wages, a dumbed down education system, and a horrendous job market anchored by the service sector, which makes up 80% of the jobs created in that recovery. Our tax code is littered with goodies for the top 1% thanks […]

TFS Hits 750,000 Page Views

The Florida Squeeze hit 750,000 total page views today. We launched in late February 2013 and have enjoyed a gradually consistent upsurge in readership since then. Thank you for your continued patronage and support of TFS.