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Brandon Peters the candidate the Democrats have been looking for in North Central Florida

In North Central Florida, the Democrats have a candidate that defies the conventional norms and could very well be a look into the future of the how the party has to run to be successful in Florida. Brandon Peters, a longtime attorney and Florida native, who also served as Director of Voter Protection for the […]

Should House Democrats who didn’t stand in solidarity with minority Reps on the DeSantis map get a primary challenge?

It’s perhaps not enough to have merely voted no on the arbitrarily-drawn DeSantis Congressional plan. This is of course a plan so outrageous that it scuttles two majority-minority districts, while packing Democrats into several other districts to maximize the Republican advantages all over the state. For several days, the fact multiple (white) Democratic State House […]

Real election reform in Florida requires changes to our primaries – Seven reform ideas

Florida Democrats are correct – the sweeping “reform” suggestions of the GOP to stamp out the imaginary “voter fraud” that allegedly (according to Newsmax and OANN) swept the 2020 elections are completely unnecessary and unwarranted. Though it must be stated the GOP may actually be overreaching and ultimately hurting themselves with these “reforms” should they […]

State Senate & House August Endorsements

STATE SENATE Gary Farmer in SD 34 Farmer, one of the leading progressives in the legislature has been challenged in the primary by former State Representative Jim Waldman, whom Farmer defeated two years ago in a primary. Waldman’s record as House member was questionable. Jason Pizzo in SD 38 Pizzo has a great resume but […]

20 years of GOP rule of the Florida Legislature

I’m somewhat surprised we have not gotten more commemorations because this week’s organizational session marked 20 years since the GOP captured complete control of the Florida Legislature. The Republicans captured a House majority on Election Day 1996 ironically as Bill Clinton was becoming the first Democratic Presidential nominee to carry the state in twenty years. […]

Healing the Florida Democratic Party: Step 1 – Leave Tallahassee

Florida Democrats are once again going through the motions of electing a new chair and directing a post-election inquest. This go-round feels somewhat different in the sense that the party has seemingly hit rock bottom and those around the establishment of the FDP are listening with more interest to the feedback coming from those of […]

House Democrats and Redistricting Special Session

The Democrats in the Florida House had an interesting week in Special Session. While Republicans wasted taxpayer money fighting over petty spoils and beating up on the Supreme Court, House Democrats attempted from at least a public relations to rise above this pettiness that after all comes from being in power without any sort of […]

Where the FDP and House Caucus stand today

With the 2015 Legislative Session in full swing the focus has shifted from political legislative considerations. Still the Florida Democratic Party is chugging along hiring Philip Thompson as Deputy Executive Director and lauding Jeri Muoio’s West Palm Beach Mayoral reelection, though the party had little to do with her success. The continued emphasis on rules reform […]

A Progressive’s Guide to the 2015 Legislative Session: Democratic Players

Session overview here Legislative session kicks off tomorrow in Tallahassee and the Democrats have six less members of the House than last session and continue with 14 Senators. The Republicans have basically maxed out on potential seats (TFS estimates 83 as the maximum number of House seats the Republicans can win under this current map […]

Florida Democratic Party record big victory in HD-13

Rep. Reggie Fullwood was able to beat back a primary challenge tonight from Johnny Gaffney by an almost 2-1 margin. School “choice” advocates and other anti-progressive interests had poured resources into the Jacksonville-based district in a cynical attempt to defeat Fullwood. The Florida Democratic Party has invested time and effort into defending Fullwood against this […]