State Senate & House August Endorsements


Gary Farmer in SD 34

Farmer, one of the leading progressives in the legislature has been challenged in the primary by former State Representative Jim Waldman, whom Farmer defeated two years ago in a primary. Waldman’s record as House member was questionable.

Jason Pizzo in SD 38

Pizzo has a great resume but even if he didn’t, we’d support him considering he’s running against Daphne Campbell. A few Democrats who have been critiquing Pizzo’s recent switch from NPA to Democrat have been vocal locally, but he’s satisfied any concerns on that issue noting his work as a prosecutor was why he wasn’t affiliated with a political party.


Paula Wright in HD 14

Wright should be backed in the effort to unseat the GOP’s favorite Democrat, Kim Daniels.

Joy Goff-Marcil in HD 30  

Goff-Marcil has a great resume, some important backers and most importantly lots of municipal government experience.

Geraldine Thompson in HD 44

Thompson was a good member and we support her effort to return.

Vito Sheeley in HD 70

Sheeley is a genuine progressive going up against incumbent Newt Wengay who has played ball all too often with Republicans including former St Pete Mayor Rick Baker.

Delores Hogan Johnson in HD 84

We give Hogan Johnson the nod as the best progressive to try and hold this seat of the retiring Larry Lee.

Michael Gottlieb in HD 98

We give Gottlieb the edge in this highly-contested open seat. He’s the most progressive voice in the race.

Ross Hancock in HD 105

Hancock would be a great progressive leader in the legislature if he gets there. We hope he does, on this his third try.

Dotie Joseph in HD 108

Roy Hardemon has been a disappointment. We feel Joseph can do better and should be given a shot.

Cedric McMinn in HD 109

McMinn is the clear choice against former Rep. James Bush III who is trying to return to the House for the third time. Bush has been an erratic Representative in his more than decade long service in the past. We favor McMinn.

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  1. Michael Carr · ·

    USELESS!!!!… None of these candidates were on my mail-in Primary Ballot here in Hillsborough and if they were, this arrived too late for me to mail in by the due date… Thanks-a-lot…call me ungrateful.


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