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DeSantis grudge against Florida leads to fewer professional opportunities for Floridians

Florida GOPers love to talk about creating a positive business climate in the state. Perhaps this is the case for low wage, non-professional jobs, but as time goes on, it becomes clearer, Florida is NOT a destination for higher-wage, professional jobs. Governor DeSantis attacks on “woke corporations,” as well as the open hostility he’s displayed […]

A day of Democratic disarray in Tweets

Much like in 2004, 2008 and 2012 (and I am sure more times, but those are the examples, that I recall offhand) the Democrats have had a star candidate for a highly competitive seat either drop out right before qualifying or after the deadline. In 2020, the GOP stole a State Senate seat with an […]

Why are some Florida Democrats coddling Qatar which is a bastion of exploited South Asian labor and LGBTQ+ oppression?

As a South Asian, I have a particular contempt for Qatar. For years the nation-state has been the worst in the Persian Gulf region (and that is saying a lot) for exploiting people who look like me. Despite recent reforms the very least that could be forced by outside pressure, Qatar’s regime still practices what could […]

Outline of topics for tonight’s space

Should House Democrats who didn’t stand in solidarity with minority Reps on the DeSantis map get a primary challenge?

It’s perhaps not enough to have merely voted no on the arbitrarily-drawn DeSantis Congressional plan. This is of course a plan so outrageous that it scuttles two majority-minority districts, while packing Democrats into several other districts to maximize the Republican advantages all over the state. For several days, the fact multiple (white) Democratic State House […]

Florida Democrats wisely begin pivoting in light of Biden’s successful opening with Venezuela

President Biden’s pragmatic shift in foreign policy over the last six months, a shift from continuing the inconsistent treatment of various authoritarian regimes, to a Realpolitik that emphasizes the current Cold War with China, and increasingly hot wars with Russia, has taken a strong turn in the last week. Isolating Russia should absolutely be the […]

Democrats botch legislative redistricting fight – but it isn’t the FDP’s fault

A lot has been made of the failure to forward a lawsuit on the recently passed new House and Senate Districts. In 2012, a lawsuit that was filed against the Senate districts resulted in the map being tossed and a much more balanced map being adopted beginning with the 2016 election cycle. Having been back […]

Florida Democrats announce voter registration push. Is it too little, too late?

For the first time since the 1870’s (before African-Americans, then mostly Republicans were disenfranchised by Jim Crow laws), Florida in 2021, had more registered Republicans than Democrats. This proved the culmination of many years of neglect by Democrats, both the mainline party and associated NGO’s/outside entities. The bottom line is this – here in Florida, […]

Politico: Florida Democrats already pointing fingers about 2022

I am at a point where I think the Democrats failure to understand the demographic changes that were visibly going on in the state from 2014 to 2020 are more the reasons for failure than any issue with party infrastructure, though those remain great. It is pretty galling in hindsight that the warnings we threw […]

Florida Democrats join calls RE: DeSantis special election abdication

As we discussed on Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis has chosen to play politics with multiple vacancies in the legislature as session approaches, denying largely minority constituencies in south Florida representation as long as possible. It’s been almost three months since those vacancies were created by Florida’s Resign to Run law, and typically it takes about […]