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#SupportLocal – Jacksonville Dem victory was mostly about local issues – not DeSantis or “culture wars” or national stuff. Dems now have playbook to win with.

Donna Deegan’s win in Jacksonville was Florida Democrats biggest in over a decade. And it was down to hard work, good messaging, a great candidate and a focus on local. It might be difficult for DC media types, national donors, Washington Post readers and those who watch MSNBC 24/7 to comprehend but local issues often […]

Dems score biggest Florida win in over a decade- Donna Deegan flips Jacksonville: what it means historically

Donna Deegan’s win for Jacksonville Mayor is hands down in my opinion the single biggest Democratic win in the state since 2012. And for me personally, it’s wonderful because Deegan is someone I’ve liked for years and is quite frankly royalty to me in Jacksonville, given she is the cousin of the late great Tommy […]

What is a Florida Democrat going be going forward under Nikki Fried? Keep an open mind if you can…

Nikki Fried has been elected Chair of the Florida Democratic Party (FDP), and I will admit I am so disappointed by it, I slipped into a deep depression this past week and left Twitter as well for several days. My fear is a state that is already dominated by a single political party which makes […]

Nikki Fried’s unforced errors can’t be tolerated by an FDP Chair

We’ve spent a lot of ink on this site in 2021 and 2022 regarding whether Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is someone the Democrats could afford to nominate for Governor. Her track record of unforced errors and gaffes hit a boiling point early in the race and she was roundly rejected by Democratic Primary voters. Never before in the […]

GOP and entrenched business interests put their fingers on the scale in the Democratic Primary last year – will they do it again?

The GOP and entrenched business interests in this state were fearful of a Charlie Crist restoration in the Governor’s Mansion. While it’s was arguably fair for those Democratic voters solely motivated by social issues or performance art to obsesses about Crist’s years as a GOP officeholder in the state, traditional Democrats like myself who focus […]

What happens if Ashley Moody runs for Governor…and Nikki Fried is FDP Chair simultaneously?

Nikki Fried potentially leading the Florida Democrats into its rebuilding period raises so many red flags, it’s impossible to concisely outline them in a single piece. What’s worse is the whataboutism and justifications given by Fried’s supporters about her past and present actions in support of causes which aren’t aligned with the vast majority of […]

The political instincts of a flip flopper – A case against Nikki Fried for FDP Chair

I’m a lifelong Florida Democrat, before today, I never felt the need to weigh in on the race for the statewide party chair. It should not be Nikki Fried. During the Democratic Party Primary for Governor, frankly I was concerned that her ties to the Medical Marijuana Lobby and Cryptocurrency would pull her down in […]

TFS Endorsement: Annette Taddeo for Florida Democratic Party Chair

Annette Taddeo is the clear choice for Florida Democrats (FDP) Chair. Her candidacy has excited many around the state and united the grassroots in a manner we haven’t seen around prior chair races, which have been contentious and divided the activist community. In the past, we’ve opted not to make endorsements in Chair’s Races, but […]

If Nikki Fried can’t fill out financial disclosure forms properly, how can she run a major political party?

Below is an article from June 2021 that ran on this site about then Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried’s inability to honestly fill out basic forms in a political campaign. Imagine this on the state party level where reporting is much more intensive and complicated. — Financial disclosure forms, a legacy of the progressive good government Florida […]

Nikki Fried for Democratic Party Chair is a uniquely terrible idea

Just when you thought Florida Democrats couldn’t sink any lower, the bottom could finally fall out. A group of FDP leaders, have authored an open letter to draft former Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried as a candidate to Chair the Florida Democratic Party. The election is February 25, and former State Senator and Miami-Dade Democratic Party […]