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Without serious rules reform, that make the party actually democratic, the road forward for Florida Democrats is a non-starter

Quite frankly, I’m disappointed so far in many of the types of conversations I have seen around the Florida Democrats Chair race. Rinse, repeat and cover one’s backside/blame others mode is once in full swing, as usual. This after an eye-popping 19 point statewide ass-whooping loss in the Governor’s Race? I feel compelled to remind […]

The Decline and Fall of Florida Democrats

To start 2023, newly elected Chair of the Leon County Democratic Party Ryan Ray joins us on the Florida History Podcast to discuss the long decline of Florida Democrats fortunes from 1990 onward which culminated in a total vote collapse in 2022. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio […]

On the way out the door, Chairman Manny Diaz NAILS IT about the FDP’s problems.

Retiring FDP Chairman Manny Diaz, did not do a particularly good job in his tenure, to say the least. However, he absolutely nailed many of the party’s problems in his resignation letter – most notably the influence of outside groups, especially post-Citizens United. The discussion of outside groups has tended to dominate the conversations we’ve […]

Top lines – Florida Democrats in crisis

As we continue our deep-dive analysis into the Florida Democratic Party’s problems here are some of the top lines of what we’ve uncovered. This process has yielded far more cracks in the party’s facade than we had originally anticipated so we are continuing the conversation into January, and will issue a report when finished. Each […]

Lessons from Georgia for Florida Democrats

If you had told me eight years ago Georgia would have two Democratic US Senators and become demonstrably more Democratic than Florida than Florida, I’d have laughed at you despite my long-term skepticism about Democrats in Florida. Last week, Senator Raphael Warmock won what was effectively his FOURTH statewide election in just over two years […]

What exactly should an FDP Chair do?

One of the real interesting takeaway’s thus far from the deep-dive audit of Florida Democrats that Dave Trotter and I are undertaking, is the lack of consistency among activists and party stakeholders about what the actual job of the Florida Democrats Chair is. So what exactly is the role of the FDP Chair? Obviously some […]

An idea to make the Florida Democratic Party, more democratic

Over the last few years, Democrats have been expressing the need to protect the concept of democracy, and rightfully so. With Trump’s and the GOP’s assault on democratic ideas and values, combined with a strongman theory of authoritarianism, it’s important for Democrats to be the opposition voice during these turbulent times. However, to truly support […]

Localized issues and tribalism adversely impacting Dem Party in Florida

As Dave Trotter indicated earlier in the week and our Twitter Space Monday discussed, We have begun working on a full audit/ report about the failures of the Florida Democrats is underway. One of the huge surprises of this process thus far has been the emphasis of many we speak to, on more localized issues […]

DNC member weighs on where Florida Democrats need to go from here

By Thomas Kennedy (article first appeared on Substack @ The Florida Democratic Party thought it hit rock bottom in November 2020 when Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden in Florida by three percentage points, which constituted a landslide in the Sunshine State at the time. That cycle was marred with controversy, most notably a regrettable […]

DeSantis grudge against Florida leads to fewer professional opportunities for Floridians

Florida GOPers love to talk about creating a positive business climate in the state. Perhaps this is the case for low wage, non-professional jobs, but as time goes on, it becomes clearer, Florida is NOT a destination for higher-wage, professional jobs. Governor DeSantis attacks on “woke corporations,” as well as the open hostility he’s displayed […]