The political instincts of a flip flopper – A case against Nikki Fried for FDP Chair

I’m a lifelong Florida Democrat, before today, I never felt the need to weigh in on the race for the statewide party chair. It should not be Nikki Fried.

During the Democratic Party Primary for Governor, frankly I was concerned that her ties to the Medical Marijuana Lobby and Cryptocurrency would pull her down in the general election. After further examination, my thinking is that those things more closely align her with Republicans than Democrats- so it is logical she’d have all these GOP connections. My congressman Matt Gaetz was against it before they started flying him around and donating money to his campaign. Her relationship with Gaetz has been well-chronicled.

Some of DeSantis’ Twitter goons cheered her announcement to run for FDP Chair . Whether or not they did so ironically, trying to mind fuck us the way they do their own voters, does not change my mind. In fact, she gives them more ammo than anyone with her constant gaffes and performance art.

How could a person who threatened to sue the sitting Democratic administration about a gun law passed in 2011 be charged with leading the Democratic party here in the state of Florida? We are in desperate need of a rebrand and rebuilding from the ground up.

How does a former lobbyist fall into that scenario? She doesn’t. She says it’s something new, I see more of the same.

Florida has always created some of the strangest of political bed fellows, we cannot ignore her connections to Manny Diaz Jr. He’s the president of the Cuban Jim Crow Club and leading the charge to remove books from the classrooms and libraries in our schools. She campaigned openly for him not so long ago as you see below.

Fried campaigning openly for Manny Diaz Jr.

If you care about the party, more importantly if you care about the state and our citizens, it’s not Nikki – she’s not “something new’. She is the status quo or worse, the breaking of the Democratic Party.

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