Monthly Archives: February 2020

Neoconservative takeover of the Democrats will result in November disaster

Democrats at the grassroots level across the country are in the process of trying to fend off a hostile takeover of the party. The party of the people is experiencing a joint takeover attempt by Trump disaffected neoconservatives and media elites who seem to think the neoconservatives are the smartest men and women in the […]

Castro and Maduro obsession while avoidance of similar right-wing abuses among Florida Dems cheapens party’s brand

This past five days we have been subjected to some of the most disingenuous moral outrage by Florida Democrats imaginable. Seemingly in reaction to Bernie Sanders comments about Fidel Castro on 60 Minutes, Florida Democrats much like last year’s race to look more anti-Maduro than the GOP piled on. Interestingly they did not take such […]

Qatar Airways sponsorship of Inter Miami CF – Misogyny, racism and homophobia

David Beckham has the world at his feet. His new MLS entry Inter Miami CF however hasn’t gotten off to the greatest of starts. The club’s trouble in launching has been well documented, but my thought was always that when a ball was finally kicked, much of that world be forgotten and we’d see a […]

George Smathers, JFK, LBJ and Nixon

George Smathers lives in infamy as the winner of the nasty 1950 Florida Democratic Primary for US Senate. In that primary Smathers defeated liberal icon incumbent Senator Claude Pepper with a red-baiting campaign that ushered in the McCarthy era. But Smathers Senate career saw him as close as anyone to the center of power. Close […]

Trump and “Gone with the Wind”: The academic history behind the racist “Lost Cause” narrative

President Trump’s citation of “Gone with the Wind” as an American film worthy of commendation while ripping a film by a Korean-producer could not have been an accident – it has to have been a carefully-scripted dog whistle to neo-Confederate types whose turnout will be important for the President’s reelection. “Gone with the Wind,” is […]

Are Bush Republicans unduly influencing the Trump-obsessive Democrats?

Donald Trump is a bad President and an even worse person. His assault on common decency and our institutions of governance need to be reversed. His history as a sexual predator should have disqualified him from holding the top job – but in spite of this he got elected, legitimately unlike the last Republican President […]

How MSNBC and CNN are helping spread Russian disinformation

Des Moines Precinct 14. This precinct has become synonymous with the problems that occurred in Iowa a couple of weeks ago. Elizabeth Warren, receiving 19 votes less than Bernie Sanders, wins one more state delegate in the precinct. And yes, the Iowa Democratic Party have called the results official, and these errors have helped determined […]