Castro and Maduro obsession while avoidance of similar right-wing abuses among Florida Dems cheapens party’s brand

This past five days we have been subjected to some of the most disingenuous moral outrage by Florida Democrats imaginable. Seemingly in reaction to Bernie Sanders comments about Fidel Castro on 60 Minutes, Florida Democrats much like last year’s race to look more anti-Maduro than the GOP piled on. Interestingly they did not take such a “noble” and principled stand when President Barack Obama made similar comments in 2015 and 2016.

A hostile takeover of the Democratic Party by neoconservative Bush Republicans seems to be in process with the elites of the party and their media allies aiding and abetting the takeover.

Here is a sampling:

You’d almost think they took their cue from prominent neocons the same types who brought us a war of choice in the Middle East where thousands of Americans were sent of to die based on embellishments and outright lies:

I too find elements of Castro and Maduro’s governance offensive and bothersome. I would not support either. Both should be condemned for the excesses and brutality of their regimes. However, these same Democrats so concerned about Cuba and Venezuela seem to never care about the types right-wing dictatorships in Latin America that the US-backed and led to tens of thousands of exiles fleeing to Florida in places like Chile, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic and other locales.

They do not care for any level of analysis of WHY leftists became so prominent in Latin America in places the US had previously backed military juntas or right-wing dictatorships. This week, I have had almost constant time-consuming arguments with so-called “mainstream,” or “lifelong” Democrats about the US-backed Chilean coup in 1973, the Pinochet regime as well as constant back-and-forth about US actions in Panama, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and pre-1959 Cuba.

Meanwhile, the birthplace of my parents burns while President Trump visits and hails our strong alliance with India. Fascism has taken hold in the world’s largest democracy and fifth largest economy. Strangely Democratic Presidential candidates and elected officials have stood silent on Prime Minister Modi’s fascist theocratic India. HBO’s John Oliver had a great summary this past Sunday on the situation in India.

While Donald Trump was in India, 27 people were killed in protests
. The Citizenship Amendment Act is largely modeled on Nazi ideas, the latest of Modi’s many attempts to impose a religious-based conservative footprint on what has historically been a secular and socialist country. The west seeing India as indispensable bulwark against China and an economic power have elected to not engage. Nor have the most visible Democrats in the US.

This is another neoconservative play as since the 1990’s neocons have loudly urged close US cooperation with India as part of a geopolitical march against China – in this they are not wrong, however India has now turned despite being a democracy into a classic American-backed right-wing state, like many we have seen in Latin America.

Unfortunately India is a much larger economic power than any nation in Latin America and more important geopolitically making the US-backed regime all then more dangerous. Again no Democrats seem to care.

Even though we have more than four million South Asians in the US, they are dispersed throughout the country and even the areas with concentrations of them reveal something very myopic in mu opinion – Indian-Americans who rail against Donald Trump as “racist,” and support Democrats based on identity but then ignore Modi’s far greater than Trump “racism,” and abuses. In fact some even shown up at Modi rallies in the US. You see when these people are in the minority ethnically they are all about identity but when in the majority they seek to crush the minority. The hypocrisy could not be more clear, though that is not about Florida Democrats but more about many Indian-Americans.

This week’s events are further proof that Florida’s Democrats:

1- Are reactive
2- Are inconsistent if not outright hypocritical
3- Are constantly seeking the approval of Neoconservative elites who they think can help them regain power.

These neocons who now influence the thinking in the Democratic Party showed they had zero influence over the GOP nominating process or electorate in 2016. Having been rejected by their own party whose voters are tired of the endless wars of the 2001-2013 time frame, they are now trying to influence the other major political party – and based on recent events having success with the elected officials but not with the electorate itself. As the Democratic electorate in caucuses and primaries continues to reject the neoconservative think their desperate lunges will continue.

What are witnessing is a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party by Bush Republicans, with the complicity of the media and elite Democrats. The counter-reaction is what you see in the country, support for Senator Bernie Sanders and to a lesser extent Senator Elizabeth Warren. Simply put if you do not want to see the Democrats become the party of American Imperialism to counter the Nationalism of the Trump GOP, the neocon takeover must be called out and rejected. 

The Democrats cannot possibly be a party of the left or Social Democratic party (which is what Bernie Sanders really is) with such mind-numbing inconsistency toward regimes of the left and the right. In fact, they are positioning themselves as a center-right party in the way parties evolve in the western world with these sorts of positions. Shame on them.


  1. Brian Lupiani · ·

    I hope that those people – especially the pandering Democratic electeds and party officials – who are scandalized at the notion that anything good can come from a repressive commie dictatorship, will now refuse to buy anything made in China.

    And they should return or dispose of anything they have that was made there, most likely including their smart phones.


    1. Right! I give Nancy Pelosi credit once upon a time- prior to being in the House Leadership she was fighting a lonely battle on China. But she dropped it once she became Minority Leader in 2003. The hypocrisy is mind blowing.


      1. You have to question the motives of anyone who is still leader 17 years later.


  2. I’m proud that the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida called the Florida Democratic Party out earlier this week for putting their thumb on the scale in the presidential race. It’s difficult to know if demagoguery or ignorance is behind the strategy that exposes their hypocrisy.


    1. Very encouraging that the DPCF called out Chairwoman Rizzo for her comments, ones neither her nor her predecessors made when President Obama made similar comments in 2015 and 2016.

      For many I think it is ignorance and just repeating hypocritical talking points but for those at the very top it is demagoguery – we never totally overcame McCarthyism in this country. The mainstream left is so scared of the term socialism or being called “weak” on terrorism they will say and do anything.


  3. L. M james · ·

    What about the suffering of people in Cuba.
    The embargo had being active for over 50 years.
    Get over Republicans. Marco Rubio.
    The embargo is not affecting you and your selfish and shortsighted policies. Obama tried to open some doors and give some hope to the suffering population but of course we now have in power a man who doesn’t believe in justice and humanity. Get over remember Fidel is dead. Get over.


    1. Right and these were some of the VERY SAME people who said we couldn’t impose sanctions on Apartheid South Africa because it would hurt the people.

      Democrats are chasing the votes of people that will never back them rather than pushing a message of economic empowerment where they can be successful.


  4. Democratic Operative · ·

    You may think your position is one of moral clarity.

    But for someone so smart you really are dumb Kartik

    A) Sanders has consistently praised Castro even after Marial.
    B) Castro support reinforces all the stereotypes about Sanders socialism .
    C) Florida is the biggest prize in the election – we lost in 2018 because of Cuban & Venezuelan votes: that’s where Maduro comes in.
    D) India is a massive economy and a major trading partner of the USA. Simple economics which you like to lecture people about on Twitter means antagonizing India like China isn’t going to end well. Sorry sometimes you have to be pragmatic and bite the bullet.
    E) You mention Indian-Americans like Modi. Cuban and Venezuelan Americans don’t like Castro and Maduro. Going after Modi might lose you votes going after Castro and Maduro gains votes.
    F) It was in OUR interest to back the regimes in Latin America that we did. The Soviets would have overrun the whole region otherwise.


    1. A) Okay, so?
      B) I get that but it’s weak of the Democrats to be chasing every vote trying to placate everyone by not being consistent. It cheapens the party’s brand completely.
      C) I believe barring an economic collapse Florida will not even be that competitive. Do any white working class voters in Appleton or Grand Rapids or Latrobe give a damn about Castro or Maduro? If they don’t your pragmatic “let’s say or do anything to win this election” mantra doesn’t add up and is just more demagoguery from the party establishment. This election will be won or lost in three states – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.
      D) You just proved my point. Everyone has gotten so transactional in our party. WE CANNOT POSSIBLY GO AFTER INDIA! THAT WILL HURT THE CORPORATIONS THAT GIVE US MONEY PARTICULARLY THE TECH COMPANIES THAT NOW OWN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Ideology no longer matters.Everyone and everything is driven by money.
      E) Again values and ideology do not matter apparently.
      F) OMG, where did you read that? National Review? Goodness you are dumb for someone so smart. I’m sure you loved Pinochet, Trujillo and the Contras. Noriega too before he turned on the US!


  5. Hugo Chavez Brigade · ·

    Maybe Kartik can become the leader of the Hugo Chavez brigade of Florida Democrats. Promoting killing and human rights violations through the state.


  6. F the Dumbocrats · ·

    If Bernie gets the nomination stolen from him or losses it because of party leaders like Rizzo putting their fingers on the scale a whole bunch of us are leaving the party.

    Say hello to four more years of fascist Trump.


  7. […] other than personal opposition to Donald Trump and perhaps a desire to start a foreign war or two to placate the new masters. This same group proved in 2016 to have zero meaningful influence on the GOP nominating process nor […]


  8. Sanders will lose Florida by ten points because of this.

    Both Biden and Bloomberg will win Florida.


  9. Sanders loves communist dictators but will not stand up for those who fight for freedom.

    Joe Biden has fought the fight for freedom movements for years. Mike Bloomberg and Pete Buttigieg also will stand up for those fighting for freedom!


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